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A forum for identifying and avoiding wholly or partially non-authentic wristwatches -- including counterfeit, replica, Frankenwatches and other fake or bastardized pieces. Our objective here is to DISCOURAGE the sales and purchase of counterfeit wristwatch and jewelry products. It is also for helping people identify watches that are mostly authentic, but have been: altered for personal customization, repaired with inappropriate parts or modified to be passed off as more valuable pieces.

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Fake Tag Heuer Formula 1 f1

Hi. I need some help determining if this watch I purchased on ebay is real or not. I own many Tag's and am familiar with the "china town" specials. This particular watch is either the best fake I have ever seen or a slightly different model than what is sold today. This Tag f1 is the white face with the black rubber bumpers and titanium bezel (full size). Anyhow, while in a store, I saw the same watch with "tag heuer" written on the left side rubber bumper (it was etched in with tag symbol between the "tag" and "heuer"... Also, the watch has a slightly smaller band (ebay one I bought)in width (very slight) and it appear that the one in the store is a little darker in appearance.

I am not sure... was there different f1's made since they brought back this line (made it retro)... Could this be an international version... Could this be a mistake by Tag and therefore sold cheaper to people... (do they do that...bad batch so sell them cheaper with no warranty).

I am not sure and I contacted the seller. He assures me it is real and told me the name of some store by him. Meanwhile, the warranty card was never stamped. However it is in a box with papers... but we know that these boxes can be purchased on ebay anyhow.

The model number is WAC1111.BA0850 now the serial on my ebay watch read DL8102...

A little extra clue is the box (supposidely its orginal box) has some price stickers and bar codes... it states that the original price was $595.00 yet in stores anywhere the MSRP is $695.00. The seller says he bought it in 2004 and that what I saw must be a newer model witht he writting on the side. Other than that, all the markings check out and writting on the back. There is no obvious signs.... it feels the right way, the crown has the stamp and twist lock feature. When I change the time it feels sturdy and solid hand movement. Keep good time... The band has serial number and even those little arrows to indicate where to remove links (these extra fine details)... The bezel is metal without cheap paint or obvious turns smoothly with clicking into place (lined up with 12 hour and arrow).

Like I said, this may be the best fake I have ever seen and to think why bother putting such detail into an entry level Tag Heuer...would expect it on a more expensive model.

Oh, the case it came in was the more modern ones made out of black plastic with section of upper portion black rubber...opens up like clam shell and has color tag heuer symbol...bottom is felt lined...

I could use advice and I have been searching endlessly for the answers... a nice watch and I won the auction for $288.00 ... the seller is an older gentleman who has a good ebay history (does not sell watches often at all) and a government employee (as per indication of endorsement made on check he cashed)... and the seller has been communicating with me and stating that its authentic.......

I can post pics if needed to help answer question... remember, very slightly thinner width of band...perhaps a slight tone lighter in color (the band)... and no writting on left side black bumper (opposite crown) which should read "Tag (symbol) Heuer"...

Hmm... also see a sicker on the box which is very thin and has a bar code across with numbers underneath... goes like this:

WAC1111.BA0850 **DC0780

Would the **DC0780 supposed to be the serial number engraved on watch...they dont match (see above)... I see others stating that the box is leather that this watch comes in ... mines plastic... If this is the original box like seller says and this is not correct and not matching up...than its safe to say that this watch must be fake. The site offers little help and the 3D tour won't show enough detail... like shows NO "tag (symbol)heuer" written on black left rubber bumper but then shows no tag symbol on the crown that is on all tag heuer watches... HELP!!!

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