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A forum for identifying and avoiding wholly or partially non-authentic wristwatches -- including counterfeit, replica, Frankenwatches and other fake or bastardized pieces. Our objective here is to DISCOURAGE the sales and purchase of counterfeit wristwatch and jewelry products. It is also for helping people identify watches that are mostly authentic, but have been: altered for personal customization, repaired with inappropriate parts or modified to be passed off as more valuable pieces.

Including a photo of the piece you are talking about ALWAYS helps! You can learn how to post a photo here: How To Include Photos In Your Postings. 'For sale' postings, commercial solicitation and ads are not allowed. Links to Internet auctions are acceptable only if their purpose is to question the authenticity of a product or provide new clues for identifying counterfeit products. Links that appear to be 'shills' promoting the sale of counterfeit products will be deleted. Links to websites of sellers of counterfeit items are not permitted -- we know they are out there and do not need to be encouraging them by sending traffic to their sites. Privacy, additional policies and administrivia are covered in the Terms of Use.

Re: Replicas: Why?
In Response To: Re: Replicas: Why? ()

: People buy counterfeits due to their
: contempt for the brand name?

No. I said they buy them despite their contempt for what really *makes* the brand name what it is.

: Poor Grasp of Value: If someone buys a fake
: Vacheron Costantin, are you suggesting that
: they do not appreciate the value of the
: brand Vacheron Constantin?

They appreciate only the bling-bling name recognition value and want to be associated with the name because it is a classy, expensive brand.

If they wanted an extremely fine quality jewelry watch--which is the *real* value of what Vacheron Constantin makes--they wouldn't buy a mediocre to junk grade watch with the name falsely and illegally used on it.

: you rather them by a watch from Kmart for
: the same price that would last them the same
: timeframe as the replica?

Yes. At least they would be being honest with themselves and the rest of the world.

: I will venture to agree your points on Integrity
: and Ethics.

Thank you. I consider those two the integral parts of the whole concept.

: your Isolationist theory is also flawed in
: its myopia.

Oh? Please explain.

: While you have presented these explanations as
: your own thoughts, you do succeed in giving
: off an aura of ivorytowerism as most of your
: opinions smell of classism to me.

Far from being an ivory tower kinda guy, I myself am a working stiff and consider watches over $250 to be an extraordinary and very rare purchase. So if you were thinking I might be someone who can easily afford $3,000-15,000 watches talking down to those who cannot, you would have been incorrect.

Isn't is equally "classism"--just from the opposite direction--for someone to falsely present themselves as wealthy by wearing counterfeits of things they cannot actually afford? Seems to me such a person would be trying to participate in what they see as a "class" above the level that they can currently rise to by legitimate means.

So what actually is *your* opinion on the subject? I appreciate the intellectual debate over parts of my views--it forces me to think them through. But so far you have questioned some of my thinking without presenting a case for an alternate view. I'd like to hear more of what you are thinking.

: Be honest with the reader and the customer. Do
: not attempt to belittle them by defacating
: in their beanpie without offering them a
: more nutritious alternative of a french
: yogurt.

If I get your drift here, the alternative I would propose is to seek some of the affordable authentic brands -- in new or vintage pieces. Fortis pilot's watches, Invicta automatics, vintage OMEGAs from the 1960s and 1970s, American brands like Hamilton--the list goes on and on of such affordable pieces from brands with horologically sound movements and interesting styles.

The key ingredient is KNOWLEDGE. Anybody can look up the names of the $10,000 and up brands of watches and want one--then create their own justifications for buying a replica of it. But it takes more thought and savvy to grasp why finer watches are what they are and seek reasonable price watches that have some of those attributes.

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