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Here is a Transcribed/Translated version:
In Response To: FORD/HEUER digital watch ()

Can anyone help with information about a HEUER watch I have recently purchased. Go to - and enter - Ford Split Lap Unit 77 - into search.

Second entry down is FORD/HEUER which is a Japanese site with pictures. I have had Japanese translated but it only describes watch and its functions. I am trying to find out numbers made and reason for production i.e.. special event etc.

Hope someone out there can help. Thanks

For the convenience of everyone, transcribed here is the information Jack refers to (translation courtesy of AltaVista Babel Fish):


In addition well enough the ? ? ? digital clock is introduced. The hybrid of the liquid crystal and the LED it introduced Hoyer's digital and the Chronosplit in the past, but this both has two windows of the liquid crystal, furthermore the ???? of the ????? the substance increases like viewing the ??? crimping. * & * With, how the electric battery cover is also a ???? and two on the substance front, which element very, DOTDT - - - it is the clock which has the ? and impact.

The FORD of the seventies (the ? ?, it is, that Ford of the car.) It is the digital clock, but content Hoyer (┐Heuer?) (the Cal.103) seems that was made.

It is enlargement of the liquid crystal above. There is no inscription such as stamping and printing of logograph of the Ford completely on the substance front, in only will the indication by the liquid crystal probably be, (such a is with, I I is? ) The mark of the Ford is indicated in normally.

* & * Why, it is puzzle, but inspect whether with some details, Ford the digital clock which such a squid is done was made to make to Hoyer (┐Heuer?), whether (the ? ? you say,! Is, don't you think? -. The ?????) with also the numbers of productions being rather few? With you think.

It is the side. Crimping in such feeling, it increases. With favor of this crimp, it fits to the arm comparatively strangely it is long vertically. With the kind of constitution which in the substance does the cover from above, the gasket of the black rubber the sandwich being done you understand between the top and bottom case.

It is essential function, but as for the liquid crystal section above in the chronograph private window, with the button with respect to the right you make start and make stop, (at each time the button is pushed the Ford mark goes out instant.) When the right central button is pushed, 1/100 seconds of that time are indicated. In addition, being also the lap time and the like to be able to measure, it does, but even now understanding operation method properly, increase it is.

The liquid crystal under usually the time (24 hour indications), has indicated amount, whenever the right most the button under is pushed, it changes with amount and second indication from day and month. The button with respect to the left reset in the chronograph and operation of the lap, for light/write illumination (the light bulb which properly, is small one to each each window entering, increases the left center.) Under the left is the button for time correction.

It is the rear. The electric battery cover to be on the front, because it is the kind of constitution which it inverts reverses, there is no the generally known reverse side cover, those in order the screw of 6 places pulls the " chart cover " and to stop, with it is the feeling which is said. It is rough on the rear of the blast processing of the ?,

Split-Lap-Unit 77

Don't you think? with there is inscription and the ? is the * & * RS-DESIGN and the ??, -. If you mention the ??, 1 there is a negative screw of the ? ? on the rear. The screw of the large texture which has been attached abruptly on front side of the photograph above that is, it does with but * & * some something, the ?! It does also the air like those which carry out the function which adjusts the advancing and being late in time but * & * trying, increase it is. Because it has been attached to remainder abruptly, whether from first it has been attached truly even, something, it is doubtful, is.

The private instrument in order to open the electric battery cover bundled was done in this clock. Those of sector of the photograph above that are, but when like this there is a ? " private instrument ", it does strangely with ???? ones. In combination with projection of 2 places to the hole of the electric battery cover, we have become the way which is turned, the below-mentioned way battery inscription is printed to the one side.

Split-Lap-Unit 77
Ray O-Vac RW47
Mallory 10 L125
UCAR 392

The belt only private ones is the constitution which is not attached, but with very simple design, same as the substance which crimps, crimping, it is the kind of design which is coiled round to the arm.

* & * It just procured, there is no excuse with only this ?? of that, is. Because, the model of liquid crystal indication (the Cal.102) there is also the top and bottom in Hoyer's (┐Heuer?) Chronosprit (┐Chronosplit?), it is thought as the thing which was made perhaps, making use of the module of that. * & * You conjecture from indicatory contents and button layout of the liquid crystal, turning over the movement of the Cal.102, (that the basis which turns over it was what, is the ??. * & * Design the ? - doing, it brought the electric battery cover before, because you applied, probably will be? ) Adjusting the liquid crystal panel to the substance which crimps, making tilt respectively, bringing on the front, modifying the function of the button, you think whether it is not something which was built up.

All elements which the Chronosprit (┐Chronosplit?) has (to the design element which designates the curved surface as keynote from the ???)" reversal " by being able to point, in addition that the squid which is different it was finished in the design which is done, it was introduction of the digital clock of Ford. (2000.12.9.

Ok, I don't know what to think about this one. Could this be a question for Hans Schrag or perhaps even Jack Heuer himself? I have never seen anything quite like this one, but boy would I love to have one.

Wow! A bona fide mystery watch, on our first full day! Hope we can find some answers on this one!

-- Chuck

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