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Re: ... if you get my drift...
In Response To: ... if you get my drift... ()

: Ok Mr Prince look a like. Then let us just get to the subject of looking a Tag Heuer watches. I think that is what we all have in common.

: Chuck,

: I do apologize for the loser comment and it
: will not happen again. But who you should
: address your last messege to is the person
: that said they were going to bitxx slap me.
: I believe if you check the thread listing
: that my comments were directly in reply to
: K's post. Even though it was a general post
: to all participants within the thread, a
: bright person should not have any problem
: putting 2 and 2 together and think maybe
: there is a reason I posted what I did, were
: I did.....

: Now that was comical. No matter what I have
: said I have never resorted to threats of
: physical violence. However you did post
: several unprovoked messages in the forum in
: reply to me with the gloss of ?Get a life?.
: In all frankness, you're not on the thickest
: ice around here.

: You like fakes, that's fine, we've been very
: tolerant of your views. However, even though
: the masthead and the guidelines do not
: specify genuine watches, that is what
: the forum is for. Perhaps it's determining
: fake, put-together, modified, or counterfeit
: watches from real genuine ones. It's not
: for the avocation of purchasing products
: that are illegally counterfeit from their
: true trademark, patent and copyright
: holders. Nor is it for slamming any one who
: disagrees with your viewpoint.

: Please keep this in mind before you post.

: Might I suggest a class in anger management
: to this poor soul. I don't think K is
: alone in having plenty of suggestions to
: you, most of them unspoken, some of them
: which may be anatomically impossible.

: He also made comments about how you are a
: prince. sounds a bit strange. I would have
: said Chuck is a great guy or an upstanding
: guy. But prince???? Hmmmm????
: Considering that I've had several watch
: related transactions with K, perhaps he was
: speaking from experience of the way I
: conducted myself. Or perhaps it's my
: striking physical resemblance to a certain
: pop musician from the twin cities who
: changed his name to something
: unpronounceable.

: It sounds as if this person might like you a
: bit to much if you get my drift. On the
: other hands, Trolls are not welcome here.
: Your behaviour today has been
: indistinguishable from the behaviour of a
: Troll. It has been noted and we'll be
: watching it. If you get my drift...

: -- Chuck


: Chuck Maddox


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: )


: Chronographs, like most finer things in life,
: only get better with time?

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