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Ok, my thoughts on this offering...

cmaddox Posts: Let's Play: Would you bid on this or not & Why? [12/16/04 04:15 GMT]:

Would you bid on this or not & Why?

At the risk of sounding like I'm having a lucid conversation with myself (a sure way to win a one-way ticket to the nut house) I'll answer my own question...

No, I would not... & here's why:

Ok, Bias against TAG-Heuer aside, dislike of the style of this example aside...

As jhb points out... “the seller says it has a 16 jewel 7750, but the rotor isn't signed tag heuer, like i would have thought and it has 40 jewel stamped on the rotor?”

Ok, Heuer's and TAG-Heuer's equipped with a 7750 at the very least have a Heuer logo or TAG-Heuer printed on the rotor, this one doesn't. Has anyone here ever heard of a “16-Jewel 7750”? Early 7750's had 17 Jewels, modern ETA/Valjoux examples are supplied with 25 Jewels, the most elaborate 7750 I am aware of is the 38 Jewel model utilized by Ventura in their V-Matic line of chronographs. To my knowledge there have been no 16 or 40 Jewel 7750 movements in production at any time, and Heuer/TAG-Heuer didn't use anything other than 17 or 25 Jeweled ebauches in the watches they sold.

PSB says: “2nd the seller know nothing about what he's selling. its 2492- with chrono. casset not a 7750 3rd not real happy with the look of the movment it may have franken issus”

Well, it's not a 2492 either, it's the lesser known, but widely used by Heuer and TAG-Heuer LWO 283 which uses a 2892-2 with a Lemania module chronograph movement... (seller's picture Above)

Which is based on the

2892-2 Base movement... How, I own a 31-Jewel version of this movement, the picture above is from a Mid-1980's TAG-Heuer catalog on my site has 39 jewels. So I'm willing to accept the 40 Jewel count because it's close to an existing known proper ebauche, and because of the nature of the piggyback configuration the two movements were likely in flux most of the time when it came to Jewel count.

However... Next we come to the next big problem with this watch... The dial...

What's the story of that 1/10th of a second sub-dial at 9 o'clock ? This isn't an Zenith El-Primero, not that Zenith has ever produced an El-Primero with a 1/10th of a second sub-dial. Where's the minute register for the Chronograph? There's a small seconds at 12 o'clock, an hour register at 6 o'clock, that funky 1/10th of a second sub-dial at 9 o'clock, no minute center second hand I can see. How useless is that? A chronograph with an hour register but no minute register? Geez!

Folks, it's as simple as this... If you see a 1/10th of a second sub-dial on a chronograph watch and it's not a quartz it's not a functioning chronograph and it was never produced by a reputable firm. Walk away! Heuer may have made that case, but the dial is very suspect and the seller doesn't know a lick about what what's he's stated in the auction listing.

Anyone someone says that “The watch was given to me out of a hugh collection of my (relative's relationship to the seller). (s)He was an avid collector of both high end vintage and new watches, (s)he always bought the top of the line watches which I seen him pay thousands and thousands of dollars for.” RUN away! The chances of any of the story being true is infinitesimal

-- Chuck

Chuck Maddox

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