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Excellent Discussion / A Couple of Thoughts

I believe that you guys have already hit the high points, and I agree with most of your analysis.

A couple of additional thoughts, in no particular order:

  • on an ebay listing with a good description and good photos, it is difficult to find a real "bargain" -- we are dealing with fairly efficient markets, so there will be plenty of bidders

  • more and more of the world is coming onto the internet and ebay, with inexpensive modems giving us more buyers and inexpensive digital cameras giving us more sellers

  • though it requires some work, the "bargains" are to be found in the unlikely places -- dealers who take an old Heuer in trade, and do not realize the value, or the pawnshop near the airforce base, for example

  • if they are getting too expensive to buy (particularly in US dollars), then maybe it is time to sell some marginal pieces, particularly if you believe that prices will fall or that the dollar will recover against the euro

  • we all help the market, and the value of our own collections, by sharing information and experiences; to the extent that we build or improve the "community", others will want to join

  • you are correct that Heuer may have a special position in this world of watch collecting -- a unique history in automobile racing and sports timing, with the romance of McQueen and Siffert, and a renewed commitment to this heritage in their newer models

Thanks for the interesting discussion and here's to a fantastic 2005 for all our readers.



: I have been collecting since 2000 (over 75
: watches purchased in all, though rarely over
: 30 owned at once) and sold many even to some
: of our esteemed moderators. The one take
: away is that the quality of mint, nice or
: NOS vintage sport, divers, chronograph
: watches is declining every year and the # of
: shady sellers is increasing. In 2000, you
: could randomly log onto ebay and easily find
: a half dozen nice watches EVERY month, and
: the issue was do you buy them all or just
: the ones you are dieing for? And the rule
: was, sellers were gentlemanly, and some even
: mailed your package the day they got your
: check. For example in 1/01: you get see mint
: 70s Zenith El Primeros Squzre case for
: $800-1000, NOS BLack PVD Heuer Montreals for
: $800, mint Tudor pre-tigers with box for
: $1100, Flightmaster with box for $1000, mint
: DOXA 300T for $500 and a host of Autavia's
: of every kind...not to mention tons, did I
: say Tons of mid-tier Lemania & Valjoux
: based 60s & 70s Nivada, Bucherer, ELKA,
: Aquastar, Zodiac, Hamilton chronographs
: & Divers for $250-500, many NOS. German
: ebay was the gem, with many an old world
: jewelers' vaults being flung open and tasty
: treats being sold at modest sums. Well those
: days are sadly gone....and the days of
: flipping 60% of what you buy, being
: disappointed on box-opening, and having to
: argue with crooks (some of whom lurk here,
: yes) over obvious service issues on watches
: that take $100s to correct. Nevertheless,
: with a super sharp eye and stomach you can
: still find gems; this past year I bought 8
: watches; half were diamonds in the rough;
: 1-2 were really nice, and rest will be
: eventually sold. It was fun; and its still a
: good hobby....where else can you tie up your
: money (sometimes a lot of it) for 1-2yrs,
: and get it ALL back plus some. Remember,
: these are assets (not really appreciating)
: and you can always sell....can't say that
: about that overpriced vacation or that
: expensive date! Happy New Year!

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Agree, quality &supply continues to fall
Excellent Discussion / A Couple of Thoughts
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