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Racquisitions I love the twins


: I knew this Scan Day was coming up, so like a
: good soldier I opened up my email In Box
: last night to refresh my memory about what
: watches have come my way this year...

: An hour later, after I had gone through about
: about three to four weeks of email's I came
: to one conclusion... I get a LOT of
: Freakin' eMail!

: And this method of determining what was my most
: memorable / favorite acquisition for 2004
: simply wasn't going to work... Wanna know
: how many email messages I received last year
: that weren't outright spam, or expected
: subscriptions or bulk mail? 10,002 exactly.

: So I thought back and said... Well, everyone
: will be mad if I don't mention my favorite
: Heuer Acquisition. Sorry David... The Audi
: Sport got double teamed by the twins (which
: happened to be my first acquisition of
: 2004):

: Hello,

: Did anybody see what happened to the pair of
: #11.204's being offered for sale recently?
: The seller was selling on behalf of a USA
: motor sport club I think. I forgot to
: bookmark the item and cannot find them now.
: Thanks.

: Terry Andrews As promised here are scans
: and the background of my latest Heuer
: Acquisitions: From the Seller,
: Bryan Cohn: You'll be very pleased with
: thes for your collection, as the history and
: linage can be traced to new.

: I'll be happy to provide you with the
: information if you'd like.....Be ready for
: several pages! (Just kidding)
: They've only had two owners. St. Louis
: Region, and a gent by the name of Bob
: Hubbard

: Bob was an MG/Triumph/Mazda dealer in Columbia
: Mo. who also happened to be a damn fine
: racecar driver and engineer.

: He ran MG Midgets for years with SCCA, running
: in the top five at the Runoofs for years,
: winning the June Sprints and other major
: amatuer SCCA events all over the US.
: Eventually, he sold the dealership and
: started on a career as a race mechanic for
: Mazda factory teams in IMSA. He worked all
: the biggies, Downing, Mandaville, Al Bacon
: (GTU) for many years.

: He retired from that in the mid 90's, and went
: back to racing his MG Midget, that had been
: parked in the mid 80's. His cars were so far
: ahead of their time, that the car not only
: was still competitve, but lead the 2000
: Runoffs (with a different driver, another
: fine gent, Don Cooper)!!! Bob
: was in an accident while racing the MG
: during the end of the 1999 season, where he
: broke his neck, but had no permenant damage.

: During treatment, they found he had cancer,
: and he passed within the year, but not
: before selling the car to Don Cooper, who
: fixed it and then raced it in the before
: mentioned races. From what we
: know, during all this time, his crew used
: the watches to time him and his competition.

: St. Louis Region bought them new, but no one
: knows for sure when. There are no Region
: records back that far of this sort. We do
: know when electronic timing came into
: fashion, and from that can guess their
: purchase timeframe of somewhere in the
: mid/late sixties. At the end of
: 1973 they were fazed out in favor of the
: "New" system.

: We don't know exactly when Bob bought them,
: but it couldn't have been much later than
: the start of the 1974 racing season.

: I hope that has shed some light on the watches
: for you.

: If you have any questions, please feel free to
: ask! So, that's the background
: history of my latest acquisition(s)... I
: also own a pair of Omega Split second
: Rattrapante Pocket chronograph watches, but
: they are physically larger watches than the
: Heuers, but they make an interesting
: counterpoint to one another. To read more
: about the Omega's follow this link ...

: That's pretty much the story, aside from the
: fact I'm very pleased to have them in my
: collection. They seem to be keeping pretty
: good time.


: As most of you know, I love Omega's as much as
: I love Heuers... It was an unusual year over
: on the Omega side of things. I think I had
: more indigestion over what was going on in
: Bienne than ever, but I not only bought my
: first new Omega ever, but I bought three in
: the space of about 3 months. The most
: memorable was the first... “Domino”, which I
: figured I'd never have any chance of getting
: my hands on:

: This one came from Japan from a noted Collector
: of Speedmasters who contacted me out of the
: blue. A great transaction that is most
: memorable...

: As for my "independent" most
: memorable acquisition it has to be the one
: that's Jeff's fault:

: Which has been a wrist favorite ever since I
: received it.

: Overall, despite the continual weakening of the
: Dollar, the smaller and smaller field of
: candidate watches of which to stalk, and
: fiewer and fewer items on my wish list, 2004
: was still a good year. Hopefully 2005 will
: be as rewarding and enjoyable.

: Thanks for your interest and I have to say,
: there have been a bevey of BEAUTIFUL watches
: posted today. I've been droolin'!

: Cheers, Good Hunting for us all and Happy New
: Year!

: -- Chuck

: Chuck Maddox


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Cheers to all You all Have stunning Photos.
I love the twins.
I think the red #s model is the V.J. modle with the slower beet then your Fantastic Omega splits with the Lem. movment. So I woould put them at pre 69. What do you guys think?
and This movement also came with all black #erd dial . I have one form Seabring 67. Mark Dennis I think his name is/was.

I know you know how I love the Black cased Lam . Fast Beet 36,600 Omegas with the think beveled anti reflective crystal. But these twins are trully a a fantastic find! What great history!!!
Thanks to you all for a FINE scan day.
Some day I will be able post here and I hope soon.



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Racquisitions I love the twins
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