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Aut Ref 2446, Rounded Numerals: I Have Photos of Two Samples


Huge thanks for pulling all this together in such a methodical manner . . . seems like there is never a time when we are not discovering new information / new watches!!

I have photos of two samples of Reference 2446 Autavias that have these rounded numerals; they have the serial numbers 853xx and 860xx.

Let me sort through these files, and perhaps some related correspondence, to see whether I might be able to add anything to the mix.



: For those out there who have being paying attention this will not
: be new to you but for the vast majority including myself this is
: and will be a first. What we have below are the details of a new
: and possibly the first 3rd execution 2446 (Rindt) dial.

: I received two images of a Rindt Autavia from a collector who
: questioned its authenticity. In his message to me he highlighted
: the rounded numerals in the sub registers and the lower position
: of the badge (see below):


: After close inspection and before comparing it to a known and
: authentic sample I new it was different. My first thought was a
: reprinted dial but there were too many details that seemed
: correct for this theory hold water. Detailed comparison with one
: of mine only added to the confusion because the differences were
: clearly obvious (those mentioned above plus the different hash
: mark arrangement on all three sub registers) but it still looked
: and felt correct.

: Then, from somewhere deep within my memory I recalled something
: someone casually mentioned about those rounded numerals and so
: the hunt began.

: That someone was Mich and here is the post:

: Finding a second example is always encouraging and further
: confirmation from Paolo that this dial is “perfectly legit and
: was a small production into the 3rd ex case” he reminded me of
: this post:

: The final piece in the puzzle came once again from the memory bank.
: When Rich and I produced the Autavia book we were fortunate to
: find some original artwork and one piece was used in a period
: advert featuring the 3rd execution 2446 (see below):


: All three of the dials now known have the same features and these
: are in fact almost identical to the example in the original
: artwork of the period. Coincidence? Well, you be the judge. Here
: is a comparison between the artwork, the new discovery and a
: standard Rindt dial:


: So lets now talk serial numbers. The generally accepted range for a
: 2446 3rd execution Autavia is 85xxx to 97xxx. The earliest
: example I have recorded is 85128 but I cannot confirm which dial
: this watch has. What has been confirmed is that the example sent
: to me by the collector has a serial number of 851xx and is the
: next earliest I have recorded for a Rindt Autavia. Mich also
: confirmed that his example has an 85xxx serial number so this
: leads to the conclusion that this dial was early and one might
: assume the first used in the Rindt Autavia.

: But and yes there is a big BUT and that is the Transitional
: Autavia. If you read my post on this case and dial combination
: you will note that they almost exclusively fall into a small
: batch with a rage of 828xx to 831xx. Plus all the 2446 examples
: I have recorded have the standard Rindt dial.

: If you missed the post here it is:

: This raises more questions than it answers such as:
: • Is this the “new” dial the first Rindt dial?
: • Is there a Transitional case 2446 with this early dial?
: • Where does the Transition case fit within the sequence of screw
: back Autavia’s?

: A lot of questions were answered about the Transitional Autavia
: after my post from the responses that followed so I am hoping
: this will do the same and we will see more examples of this
: early Rindt dial and maybe even some in a transitional case.

: Happy Easter and best regards
: Paul

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