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Respect . . . From Number 99
In Response To: Oops, guilty as charged! ()

Serial number 99 welcomes you to the club!!

Why 99? Well, it was the Summer of 2017, and as a baseball fan, Aaron Judge (Yankees number 99) was the newest star on the scene. All Rise!!

And, of course, there was "Project 99", which worked out well for Heuer, back in 1969.

And, if anyone cares, it is a number less than 100 . . . even if not by much!!

So welcome to the club, Morgan . . . we all feel better to have you on board!!



: Hi Heuer family!
: I must admit, it was me who purchased the one on eBay for over
: double the money!
: Am I crazy? YES!
: A couple of reasons why I went for it!
: I have time in my car at the moment while everyone else is at the
: mall.
: When Hodinkee originally offered it, I didn’t like the Skipper
: print on the dial as I am a fan of Monacos
: and Carreras! The colorful register dial took me by surprise and I
: just wasn’t used to the color scheme.
: Having one sitting in the shopping cart while I debated to purchase
: one drove me crazy!
: I subsequently didn’t press “purchase” and dismissed it as
: dodging a bullet from an impulse buy. Minutes later, I checked
: just for fun, and all of the units had been sold....hmm....did I
: make a mistake?
: However, as the months progressed and I saw just a handful of them
: sporadically selling on forums for a slight premium profit at
: $7,000-$8,000.00USD,
: I thought to myself....hmmm, not too bad...maybe I should get one!
: As collector pals received their pieces and proudly showed
: them...the more I wanted one!
: Plus the fact that I had asked a few of them if they ever wanted to
: sell theirs and received an immediate “No”...made me me go
: nuts!
: The last straw was when I saw Hodinkee’s very own Frank Roda’s
: Skipper at a Panerai event here in Los Angeles last week.
: It was #9! Man, it was pretty! Maybe the low number got me...maybe
: it was Frank’s comment that tipped me to the wild side:
: “What? You don’t have one? Really? How do you not have
: one?!”. Coupled with Richard Crosthwaite’s comment of how he
: loved his! I wanted one...... I needed one! When the
: Revolution/Rake Heuer Blue Dreamer was offered to me, I didn’t
: want to be torn again so I quickly confirmed my purchase.
: Feeling satisfied, I called it a day....not an hour goes by that
: my OCD Collector sub-conscience kicked in....”How can you own
: the limited edition Revolution Blue Dreamer but not the limited
: edition Hodinkee version? Argh! I quickly did a eBay search for
: Heuer Hodinkee and one popped up!
: It only had one pic and the purchaser only had a history of 8
: transactions! Must be a scam I immediately thought to myself!
: Just to be safe, I asked for more pics and inquired what number it
: was out of the 125 run. When I was told #38, I went crazy! In
: Chinese, three, eight is pronounced as Shan Baa (Sorry, just
: sounding it out). In Chinese, Shan Baa also means “Joker” or
: “Silly” of my nicknames and lucky numbers! I had to
: have it!!!! So, a few days later, and making sure I woke up at
: 7:30am, I made sure this Skipper wouldn’t be beyond my grasp
: again! Hence why I’m asking for help to have me committed!
: I am writing this to simply explain why I paid that much for it...
: I wanted to shed some light on why this can be a fluke rather than
: a trend!
: As much as it would please me to find the next Hodinkee Heuer to
: sell for $20,000, as a collector, I wish all Heuer pieces to be
: available and affordable for everyone!
: But perhaps this is a trend as apparently someone also wanted it!
: It was already at $12,000 when I woke up and checked with 43 bids!
: So apparently I’m not the only crazy one around here! In
: conclusion, I blame Frank, Richard, the number 38 as well as the
: fact my wife is yelling at me to unlock the door and wanting me
: to help her with her bags....
: Keep collecting, and repeating what some old collector once said to
: me: “The best watch in the world, is the one on your wrist”.

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