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There is a third Omega Forum that isn't that way…

Post on the Omega Forum, then Duck!!

Very interesting photo and message!!

Based on some recent Heuer-bashing on the two major Omega discussion forums,

Ahem... I take exception to that, there are at least three major Omega Discussion forums that I'm aware of not two.

I would expect that if you post this same photo and ask this same question, you will start a string of messages about how far superior the Omegas were (and are), how the Heuer are just "tool watches", how Omega timed the Olympics more often than Heuer, how the Omegas were worn on the moon, etc., etc., etc.

Well, I wouldn't think that would happen at least not much, on the Omega Discussion forum I frequent.

As far as the positioning of Heuer, Omega and TAG-Heuer...

All firms have sphere's of products which vary from product cycle to product cycle. Depending upon which epoch you're talking about you'll see differing degrees and sizes of spheres. Let's examine where each firm lies and where their sphere's intersect.

Heuer: Up until the buy out by TAG was primarily a Sports watch manufacturer. While Heuer produced watches which were dressy looking, I'm thinking early Carreras formost among them, primarily their products were sports related.

Omega: While Omega has had sports related watches for generations, they have traditionally also very interested in dress watches, chronometre rated time pieces and for many many years made their own movements, by contrast Heuer has nearly always outsourced it's wrist watch movements (the micro-rotor could be argued to be a co-development piece by Heuer). Yes, Omega has been to the moon (so has Waltham, and Accutron instruments). Yes, Omega has timed the Olympics more often than Heuer, but Heuer has timed the Olympics more than twice as much as any other firm save Omega, it's Olympic resumé would be coveted by nearly any watch save Omega. Heuer is no slouch.

In general, Heuer was never a "Boutique" watch... While it is easy to imagine an Omega Flagship store being located in Geneva, or New York City, or Hong Kong, I could never see the old Heuer doing anything remotely like that. Heuer's are more of the "Sold at the track from the back of a Van to the racing teams" sort of retail presence.

Are Heuer's "Tool Watches" yep, sure, they are. Are some Omega's tool watches? yep sure, there are some, fewer than Heuer. Are there dressy Heuers, yes but less so than Heuer.

While there is some overlap in their spheres there are distinctions too. I love the wares of both firms!

TAG-Heuer is closer to Omega than the old Heuer in terms of model product placement. I don't think anyone would look at a 6000 series, Kirium or Se/L and say "Tool Watch" TAG-Heuer tried to expand into the "Luxury/Dress Sport's watch" Spere that is less Heuer and closer to Omega and even Breitling. TAG has had even more dependence on outside movements and is much closer a Boutique watch than Heuer. One can see "TAG-Heuer Boutiques" sprouting up.

Post it on the TimeZone Rolex Forum, and you will get blasted from all sides and see smoke coming from your modem.

If you focus you're posts on Rolexes and that they are better than their competition you might not get blasted, anything else and wear your asbestos underpants. They are an opinionated lot over there, be ware of that.

The Cortina is one of my favorites; I admire the Omegas, to this point from a distance; and these comparison shots are fantastic. THANKS!!

Gisbert takes good shots.


As for the Cortina and the Teutonic cased c.861 (note that the only Speedmaster Mark V. is the c.1045 version made in 1984, and the earlier c.861 version in a very similar case is not a Mark V)...

There are a few similarities, that is very true. But there are many discinctive differences as well. Personally I think the early-mid 1960's Seamaster Vs. Carrera and Speedmaster Vs. Autavia 12 match-up's are much closer than this Cortina Vs. Mark V comparision. The two watches are notable different in terms of movement, subdials, bezels (or not), case shapes, braclets and other specific differences (the Heuer features a date for instance).

Both are interesting watches, and both share a somewhat similar appearance. Nothing exists in a vacuum in the watch industry, and there are limits to what looks good on a watch, hence at some point one will see similarites.

-- Chuck

Chuck Maddox

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