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well thoughtout....

Oh, hell! I'll out him... It's
: well, maybe I won't... Anyway, from what've
: heard from the buyer, the movement in it, a
: c.11 was on it's last legs and the rest of
: the watch was _hurtin_... , to the tune
: of about what I paid to get my "watch
: with a story" Autavia... So what looked
: like an expletive causing bargain on first
: glance, turned out to be much closer to
: being a good deal, but not a great deal by
: the time the restoration is done.

well that changes my dollar difference quite a bit. i guess with that side of the info it deletes my point.:)

: I paid 1621 for my example just before
: Thanksgiving. Now at the time at the time
: that was about $1,850 with the exchange
: rate.

also a fine example!:) an excellent addition to any collection, in my (very humble)opinion. :)

I paid 1621 for my example
: just before Thanksgiving. Now at the time at
: the time that was about $1,850 with the
: exchange rate, which was around $1.18~1.20
: to the Euro. It's now at $1.23 to the Euro
: or just under $2,000... I think my example
: is in nicer condition but mine is the 3 rd
: version whilst this Italian job is a 2 nd
: edition...

well i guess this is no shock then, knowing that info you generously supplied.

: (this leads me to my questions, what does the
: future hold?)

The future holds that the
: "herd" has been thining for the
: past three years. What are we going to do
: next year when things get really bad?

i was afraid of that.

: (constantly climbing higher market values? )
: Seems likely.

another fear of mine.

: (more examples showing up as owners try to
: cash in on the frenzy? )

Hmmmm... I don't
: know, there are so many varieties of
: collectors... There are the Thophy Hunters,
: the Anthropologists (Chuck waves!), the
: catch and release sportsmen (Chuck glances
: over at Albert Zibell), Investment
: opportunists, collector's who's activities
: ebb and flow as their interest shifts from
: hobby to hobby... Lots of different groups
: all with different patterns of purchase,
: ownership, sale.

well i can dream can't i:) excellent thoughts though, gave me alot more to think about!

: (less examples as owners/speculators decide to hold onto them until they hit the potential
: high point?)

Or as collectors finally
: decided that if they want them they better
: latch on to one or have that gap in their
: collection...

good point, glad your brought it up.

: (opinions, thoughts, etc appreciated. thanks
: in advance.)

Originally, I was going to
: comment that in my (often not terribly)
: humble opinion, that Heuer never made a
: better looking Autavia than the Jo Siffert
: model Autavia. It's fitting that they are
: the most eagarly sought variant.

i'm in near agreement with you on this one, the only naysayer is my checkbook.:)

: You have my first tier of thoughts, I'd like to
: see some of the other thoughts of the Peanut
: Gallery, perhaps they can spur more lucid
: comments on my end. But at this point I have
: an overabundance of blood in my caffene
: stream and I'll have to think about it
: more...

thanks for your thoughts, excellent as usual.

: j.h. Cheers! I hope this is useful.

you betcha all thoughts and info are useful, greatly appreciated!

: -- Chuck


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