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Re: └heuer-ragazzi? Heuer-boys... Ah, OK...


Actually if you collected Heuer Monaco, which you don't and you have also made it perfectly plain that you don't care for them, then you wouldn't consider it a good buy. I have "watched" some of the Monaco Automatic Blue Dial goes for over $5,000.00 lately. This was a rare Monaco which brought a reasonable price and I am sure the purchaser can make money on it if he decides to sell. Once again a watch is worth what someone is willing to pay for it and not what someone says that it is worth.

I may not bid on more Heuer on eBay than some other collectors but I most definely would think that I am in the top five bidder on vintage Heuer and I would put my collection of 250+ Heuer watches and timer up against anyones Heuer Collection. The reason I mention this is not to brag but to make a point. I am not afraid to bid before the last minute because someone might think that I am a "so called expert", therefore they would intentional bid against me thinking that I knew something that they didn't or that it was a bargain. Even if I bid at the last minute I have already put in a previous bid. If you wait until the last second it is nothing more than sniping. Sniping is perfectly legal and there is nothing wrong with it, but don't claim that you are an expert and top gun collector (which you may very well be), which can only bid at the last second because you are afraid of the competition taking advantage of your knowledge and expertise.

On more than one occasion I have not bid because I have noticed that Jeff Stein was the high bidder (I would consider him an expert and top gun collector) on a auction and to offer my respect for him I did not bid. I know for a fact that he has done the same for me (he told me he did). If Jeff had not bid early and often I would not have known that he was after the Heuer he was bidding on. I have also done this to other Heuer Collectors that I had previously sold to or had previously purchased from. The majority of them never knew that I passed on raising the bid on which they were the high bidder. As far as I was concerned the only person who needed to know was me.

Good collecting to all fellow Heuer Collectors, Charles.

: dear heuer-ragazzi, Heuer-ragazzi, eh?

: Babel Fish Translation In English:

: Heuer-boys

: Ah... Ok...

: sure you all have been watching the auction
: of the blue and white handwound monaco, pls.
: see eboy# below. Sorry to burst any
: bubbles here, but I'm not the biggest fan of
: the Monaco. I own more than my share of
: unusual looking watches, I mean I collect
: Bull-Head Chronographs for crying out loud,
: but I've never been able to bring myself to
: get worked up about them, dispite the
: association with Steve McQueen. The styling
: just doesn't do much for me. Too much of a
: juxtraposition between old and new styles I
: guess. I don't follow them that closely,
: myself.

: I was really wondering why this great and
: rare piece did not get any higher ($$$)
: attention. from the point where i stand, the
: 7740 is the rarest 1970s Monaco, and in this
: colour combination, it is almost impossible
: to find. As others have pointed out,
: rariety and popular colors alone don't
: always figure into what a watch will fetch.
: The 7740 and 7741 are pretty much forgotten
: calibres, compared to the 773x series
: from what I've seen.

: i personally did not bid on it, because the
: left register had some imperfect places and
: I had asked the seller twice for a close-up
: scan and he did not respond at all. i was
: also wondering why none of the wellknown
: Heuer freaks was bidding until the final
: lap, just charles made it up to 2,3.
: Besides the thing about me not actively
: seeking Monaco's, I have learned from
: experience that I have to bid at the last
: minute if I want to pay a reasonable
: price... As I have a fairly high profile in
: watch forums in order to keep admission
: prices reasonable I only bid in the last few
: moments of an auction unless there are
: extraordinary reasons not to.

: jim was visiting a girlgroup concert in N.Y.
: when the auction endet.(lol)

: any comment is appreciated. Actually, I
: thought the $3k price for the 7740 was a
: little high. I know the Steve McQueens fetch
: that and more regularly, but I wasn't overly
: impressed with this one.

: -- Chuck

: Chuck Maddox ( Article index @
: )

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