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Re: I Am Chasing the Olive Green Brother

: Nice finds Jeff! On you know where Ebay there
: has been the Green Day/date modle that never
: sells for 1100.00 I find it by using the
: search "5100 chrono*" I have seen
: it 2 times this month. The 5100 will spoil
: you as it seems so easy to read and time
: things. I always keep trying to where other
: chronos as I like the movements of a more
: complicated works. but always go back to
: some make 5100 movment watch. The 5100 is
: very easy to service like a big clock, only
: thig takes a good watchmaker is the topside
: daydate , leavers. etc.

: I see that your gray/silver one has the more
: stright min. counter and the black one has
: the more jet style. The books make these out
: to be 28,800 beet movments, but thay also
: have the slower beet. Have you looked close
: start the timer and see you can see the
: differance if you have the slower one. I
: have the slow beet on one of mine and it is
: the only one I have with the none jet type
: min counter. I have been trying to find out
: for years if this was a mark of a differnt
: beet.

Ok I see mine has a slitly differant min. recorder hand Your are both the same. I get confused, Sorry I have had some bad health in the last year and little stroke Blood trouble makes my mine have a hard time with saying thinks and adding and spelling ect.. But check it it out anyway. I know you have seen the more straight winged min counter. I have never found any documentation on this. buts it out there.

And one other thing if you 5100 guys are sticklers for with in 1 to 2 seconds a day in all poss. For some reason I have yet to meet anybody who can reguate a 5100 to be spot on. And I specialized in regulating. I can get a 7750 spot on But not my BELOVED 5100s. One time a Swiss WOSTEP Prof. told me I needed to by a Quarts watch, But to this day he still keeps in touch and asks me if I ever got one spot on. And NO I have not. But I have 5100 in from a 1983 Omega that is almost spot on just a 2 second differance at the 6:00 poss form the others. Thats fantastic , If only I could get the rest to do this.

If You care See if your gains in 12:00 poss up or looses in half a day 12 hours. then try it flat on its back. I would to know where your runs. I have checked with over 20 of these and all but one seem to have the same poss deveation. And I have not found the deveation. its not a poise balance thing on this movment.

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