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Re: Help with Heuer 13-1 Black PVD Chronograph *PICs*

Let's agree to disagree. I can clearly see the gap between the dial and the tachyscale. It is not possible to put a V7750 in a case for V7765 as the V7750 is thicker than the V7765, but it is possible to put a V7765 in a case for V7750 but you will then get a gap between the dial and the tachyscale. Your case is made for an automatic V7750 and not a manual V7765, hence the incorrect markings on the caseback. The "13/1" markings on the swedish watch are also incorrect and not Heuer original, it should be "13 1" with a different font.

: Mathis, thank you very much for your reply.

: I really don´t think that the watch is a made up from different
: parts for two reasons:

: first:

: I got it from its former owner which is relative of mine and he had
: it since new and stopped wearing it when the crown broke off.
: This happened three times before and he always had it fixed.
: But after the fourth time with a lost crown, sometime in the 90ies,
: he was finished with handwinding and breaking off crowns, so
: after he had it fixed again he put the watch away and bought a
: Tudor Big Block which „winds itself“ ;o)

: I even know the store where the 13-1 was bought back then.
: So I think I can be sure that the watch has not been doctored with,
: besides that it had seen the watchmaker four times in its life
: (there are also 4 watchmaker marks visible at the caseback).
: And I have been told, that all the times when it was with a
: watchmaker, the only thing that was repaired, was the crown (and
: stem i suppose).

: For me, the watch looks, except for its crown, all original.
: Okay, there is no original strap, but to use the words of the
: former owner: „the strap was a piece of plastic junk - it
: broke after 2 months“.

: second:

: There are too many 13-1 out there with this exact caseback style.

: Here another one which has been sold on a swedish forum:

: önebump-heuer-pvd-kronograf.96910/

: And again, this one here really is an excellent example of this
: variation of a 13-1, it even has the original bracelet.
: Like I said before: I have a picture of the caseback, maybe the
: owner can chime in here can confirm this:

: Regarding your note that it looks like there is a gap between the
: dial and the tachymetre:
: there is no gap between the dial and the tachymetre scale.
: Maybe you are referring to the thickness of the tachymetre scale
: which looks a bit dark in the pictures.

: Please have a look at the new detailed picture I just took, I hope
: this shows the tachymetre scale a bit better.
: The lighting situation is not the best at the moment.

: And please have a look at the other pictures (which i collected
: from the net) I attached.

: Heuer did not produce these casebacks, they were bought from the
: case maker with the watchcase.
: These were standard watchcases, delivered to a lot of other brands,
: sometimes equipped even with the same dial design as the Heuer
: 13-1 only with another brandname printed on the dial.

: There are several 7765 chronographs out there with the „13 1“
: from the first variation on the caseback which are not Heuer
: branded.
: Instead they were branded: with LeJour, Arctos, Lanco, Zentra Le
: Mans to name a few.

: For me it looks like the first variations (the ones shown at OTD)
: are the older ones and the second caseback variation are the
: latest execution.

: And this I think is the interesting point:
: I can not find any other 7765 chronograph with the second variation
: caseback except the ones from Heuer.

: Greetings,

: Hermann



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