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Re: Heuer unlikely to have made a manual watch marked as Aut

Hello Colin.

Thank you very much again for your reply.

I really enjoyed reading it and learned a lot.

The Heuer 3006 is a beautiful piece.

I did some more digging, additional time in the office helped a lot, and I managed to find some more examples with this caseback style and the 13/1 marking.

Now we look at eight watches which all share the same caseback and the 13/1 marking.

Five of them show the 13/1 clearly, the other three had not so good camera angles or strange lighting, so you can not see the whole caseback.

I have these pics in higher resolution, as far as I could get them from various websites, but compressed them to fit them all in one picture.
Anyway, I think you can see that they all share the same caseback.

Please have a look at the pics I attached below.

Especially interesting is the watch on the down right corner, the one with the bracelet on the stand.

These two pictures are from TheHeuer100 Auction which was hosted by Crown & Caliber in 2016.
Jeff Stein personally looked through the watches offered in this auction.

He lists this exact watch in the OTD guide to the Heuer100 and it is still visible at the Heuer100 website.
The OTD guide shows only the front of the watch, but on the Heuer100 site you can look at some more and larger pictures.

And there on the Heuer100 website you can see:

- same case

- same pushers

- same caseback style

- same writing on the caseback

- same thick tachymetre scale (which fooled you an Mathis in my first post - the „gap“)

- same dial

- same hands

- my conclusion: same watch

Of course this does not solve the question for the „Automatic“ on the back of my watch.
But let´s forget the „Automatic“ for a moment.

Would you agree that we can say now, that it is a fact, that there are 2 caseback executions for the Ref. 13-1?

I think i found enough evidence to establish this and for me it looks like the reference table for the 13-1 should be updated.

Would love to hear the thoughts of Jeff Stein on this topic.

I am also still looking forward to read more input and thoughts about this from all the knowledgeable members here.



: Hermann

: I am fully aware of various anomalies in the Heuers of that period
: including French production by Monnin of various 7765 powered
: models and I also own a rare 3006 (Vjx 7734) that was considered
: to be a 'franken' until Stewart Morley found it in the 1979
: German catalogue about ten years ago.

: I also have a rare fume Daytona with an odd model engraving error
: on the caseback using a Verona reference (one digit wrong) even
: though the Verona uses a different type of caseback to the
: Daytona. There are other examples : the 'Economy' Monza Cal 12
: is often seen with a 150.501 caseback which relates to its Cal
: 15 cousin even though it has a different reference 110.501.

: That said, The other examples of the 13 1 that you have found with
: a caseback consistent with yours all appear to have been heavily
: refinished on the caseback without the 'Automatic' script. There
: are definitely at least two types of 13 1 font / caseback
: engraving visible in images found on Google but no others I can
: find marked "Automatic" even when the font / engraving
: looks similar to yours.

: How that caseback marked as "Automatic" came to be on
: there is a mystery. That said I would personally agree with
: Mathis and consider it highly unlikely to have left the Heuer
: (or outside sub contractor's) factory with that caseback fitted.

: I would simply enjoy the watch - they are nice pieces with robust
: movements and the PVD case looks to be in good order.

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