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Re: Some 176.001 Info *PICS*

Hello there,

I saw the pictures with the engravement on the caseback. Maybe I'm a to late with a response, but I just recently saw this...Don't know if it adds something new, but may be interesting? Take a look at this site..


: Chuck Wrote :-

: Here is my "WHOOPS: eBay post for
: today...
: Omega Speedmaster Mark III, 70er Jahre,
: Neuzustand!

: My main concern is that while I've seen so many
: "Cushion Cased Mark III's" to
: think that Omega probably made them this
: way, I've never before seen a Cushion Cased
: Mark III with the black dial that's
: ordinarily seen in the "Volcano"
: cased version of the Mark III.

: Hi Chuck, cool auction !

: I'm afraid I'll have to "sit on the
: fence" about the watch itself. I have
: never seen a speedmaster MK III in THAT case
: in ANY of the period literature that I have
: seen.

: I don't have a copy of SAGA in front of me, but
: I'm really still undecided about these
: watches and whther they are just redialed
: Seamasters ( a small theory here... A
: Seamaster is designed to get wet, many some
: of them have got water damaged & the
: Speedy MK III dial was the cheapest/easiest
: dial to get/fit ? ) Maybe this question will
: be answered in Marco's new book.

: But what REALLY woke me up about this auction
: is coming below....



: This caseback is very interesting... It appears
: that a Case Reference number has been
: hastily crossed out and a new one added with
: the assistance of a drafting style engraving
: machine... Of you look at the "6"
: under high magnification one can easily see
: that the lower part of the "6"
: where it loops around and up to meet the
: left portion of the numeral overlaps the
: horizonal portion.

: Looking at the crossed out Case Reference
: number I can discern that the number crossed
: out was either 176.001 or 176.007. Since it
: would make no sense to cross out 176.007 and
: then re-engrave it, it would seem most
: likely that the number is 176.001. The finny
: thing about the 176.001 is that I've never
: seen one of them ever anywhere in my
: travels. I don't know if this model is a
: "re-tasked prototype, or a put-together
: cobbled together with scavenged parts, or
: absolutely original [although I seriously
: tend to doubt the latter] but I think it
: qualifies for our WHEW or WHOOPS posts.

: I do have some concrete info on the 176.001.

: I think it was an experimental watch (
: prototype if you like ) that was never
: manufactured for end customers.

: Looking through my "archived" pics on
: my PC I found this. I'll freely admit, I
: have no Idea where I got it from. It either
: came directly from the Museum themselves as
: a reply to a query , or someone that I know
: with a 1971 dealers catalogue sent me this
: scan.

: I would tip on the Museum.

: Here's the Pic...


: Some points (no Particular order ).

: It's dated 1 Nov '71 ( Bottom right corner )
: The writing in the bottomleft corner is French
: & says something like "replaced by
: 176.0007 18.3.72" ( 18 March '72)
: The dial is only marked Omega Automatic, so
: not directly a Sea or speedmaster, even
: though the heading at the top of the paper
: suggests it would be one of those models
: It's waterproof to 6 ATM ( 60 meters )
: It doesn't look like it has a rotating bezel,
: but would look good with one IMHO
: I would GUESS It has a "Puck" type
: system, where the movement sits in a puck,
: that is pushed into the outer case, There
: are various 1040 (or 1041 ) powered watches
: with this type of case system
: Isn't the Centre minute hand ( with the
: "arrowhead" ) unusual ? I've never
: seen this on an Omega before
: I think the dial needs bolder Hour markers.
: The dial just looks "weak" to me.
: Not "finished". I don't like it

: I'd bet this was a prototype that never got far
: & the case backs that were made up in
: advance for this model, were restamped by
: Omega themselves & used on the
: replacement model.

: I'd like to know if any watches
: "escaped" from the factory in the
: (theoritical) 5 months that the watch could
: have been on the market...... ( enough
: "Iffy" words in there ? )

: PLEASE , If anyone sees a watch looking like
: this, contact me.

: Chuck, could I please ask you to add this scan
: to your Excellent Dimensions of Selected
: Omega Chronograph webpage? I use that a
: LOT. Not neccessarily for the dimensions,
: just for a handy way of finding a picture.

: A great Auction find Chuck. Thanks !

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