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Posting Photos With Your Messages / Using HTML in Your Messages

Posting Photos

Adding photos to your posting is a good idea. It requires a little more advanced Internet concepts than you learn from just doing simple Web browsing. But none of the steps required to post an image on Chronocentric are unique to Chronocentric--they are required to do the same thing on most similar Web-based discussion forums or when creating your own Web pages.


Step 1: Put Your Photos On The Internet

Included photos must be ones already uploaded to the Web--Chronocentric does not provide image hosting or a way to upload photos from your computer to the forums. Many Internet access accounts provide basic hosting or 'personal web space' that you can use for this. Alternatively, there are free services that, with some restrictions, will allow you to do this, too.

If you don't know how to upload images to the web, take some time and learn, a simple web search for image hosting should get you to the info you need.

Sorry, but we at Chronocentric are not able to take the time to individually teach people the standard Internet concepts needed, such as FTP, image hosting and cutting and pasting URLs. In addition, there is no way we can provide support or instructions for numerous image hosting service or free/included Web space you might have access to. So you need to use the instructions and support contacts from those vendors to obtain help with their services.


Step 2: Find the Internet URL Of Your Uploaded Photo

The URL of an image must start with http:// and end with an image file extension like .gif, .jpg, .jpeg or any other common Interent image format. For example,

If the URL you are trying to use ends with .htm, .html or similar, then it is NOT right. Those are addresses for a Web page, not a specific photo -- the URL must point directly to an image file and not merely a Web page that contains the image.

With many web browsers, you can right-click on an image and select Properties from the pop-up menu to let you see the Internet URL that points direct to the image.

You cannot point to an image file on your local computer. The image must already be uploaded to a location on the Internet.


Step 3: Put The URL Of Your Uploaded Photo In The Posting Form

The posting form includes a place to paste a URL to a photo to display in the posting. Be careful when pasting URLs that you don't accidentally repeat the http:// as http://http:// or it won't display the image.


Advanced Trick: Multiple Photos In A Single Posting

To post multiple photos, you can use standard HTML image tags in your message. You can do this instead of or in addition to the technique described above for posting a single image. In our discussion forums, rather than using standard HTML codes, you can use the [img] code to post photos. You simply put [img] before the address for each photo, and you put [/img] after the address for each photo. When a browser sees these codes, it knows that the file in between them shoudl be displayed as a photo.

For example, the following code will insert three photos into your message:




At the end of the address for each of these photo, be sure to insert the [/img] code.

Using HTML and Photos in Your Messages

Lesson One -- HTML Basics


Hi Guys,

presented here is the first of my "tutorials" on how to use HTML in your posts on the Zowie Omega Forum.

This tutorial will cover how to spice up your text a bit. To do this you'll need to use to basic HTML commands.

HTML is not just something that only "Computer Geeks" can use. Anyone can do it. Housewives, pensioners, watch collectors, anyone !


So what do you want to do with your text ?

- Make something Bold ?

You have to simply put <B> before the text & </B> after the text ( if you don't "close" the command.. ALL subsequent text will be Bold. )


I like <B>Omegas</B>     ->     I like Omegas


Simple Eh !

- Underline is done with <U> ... </U>

- Italics is done with <I> ... </I>

- Crossed out is done with <S> ... </S>



- You want to change the colour of your text ? eg make it blue ?

simply put <FONT COLOR="BLUE"> before your text & </FONT> after your text. IMPORTANT here is to spell COLOR without the U ( Even if you are English ! ) AND the ONLY space in that command is between the words FONT & COLOR.

There are a large number of colours available, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN etc etc but you can also use "DARKBLUE" or "LIGHTBLUE" etc etc

just try it !


- You want to make your text Bigger ?

put <FONT SIZE="+3"> before your text & </FONT> after your text.

You can use other sizes +1 , +2, +3 etc etc.


You want to center the text in the middle of the screen ?

use .... <CENTER> before your text & </CENTER> after your text.


You may combine any /all of the previous commands....

I offer this only as an example ... I don't suggest you try this in your first post !!

so .... <CENTER><B>I have<S>too many</S> <U>NOT ENOUGH</U> <FONT COLOR="RED" SIZE="+3"> Omegas </FONT></B></CENTER>

will appear as

I have too many NOT ENOUGH Omegas


That's the end of the 1st Tutorial.

Steve Waddington

December 15, 2005

Lesson Two -- Posting Photos

Hi Guys,

presented here is the second of my "tutorials" on how to use HTML in your posts on the Zowie Omega Forum.

This tutorial will cover how to post pictures, multiple pictures, change the sizes, postioning & borders around them.


So, lets start with some basics. SIZE. Most people nowadays surf with a highspeed internet connection.
BUT, it is still common decency to make your pictures a reasonable size. Some people still surf with modems, a webpage overloaded with graphics or a single large graphic is not fun for these guys.
As a rule of thumb. I try not to make my pics more than 70KB in size.

The example pic for this page is 56KB.

How did I do that ? Here's the basic command.

<IMG SRC="">

& that's it.

What does that mean ? Well, there is basically two parts.

1, the command show a picture
2, which picture

The command starts with this <IMG SRC=" and ends with this ">

The picture is this bit

The basic command is very simple. You just use it like that, there should NOT be any spaces between the quote symbols

The picture needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet. ie the name should start with http://www....

If you can see a picture, ( eg in eBay ) that you'd like to post in the forum,
right-click on the picture,
go down to the properties option,
click on it & you'll see the name that starts with something like

I should mention copyright here. I don't think eBay has a problem with people/forums using their pics, for educational purposes, but some other site owners DO have problems with this.

If the seller doesn't state his copyright, it's permissable to use the photo's for educational use.

It's always worth asking a site owner FIRST, BEFORE you use their pictures.


You want to post 2 pics ? just repeat the command & put a different picture in the 2nd command

Here's the command

<IMG SRC="">
<IMG SRC="">

This looks like

You can put blank lines or text between the pics

You can combine this with the <CENTER> command to centralize the pics.

<IMG SRC="">
There is some text between the pics
<IMG SRC="">

Does this

There is some text between the pics


Want to put a border around the pic ? then the command looks like this


will anyone notice this text ?

You can change the "thickness" of the border by using a number other than 10. Keith Downing uses this to great effect in most of his picture posts.


It is possible to modify the DISPLAYED size of a picture.

Believe it or not, the picture below is exactly the same as above, I just made it APPEAR smaller


Compare the last 2 pics. The ONLY difference is the addition of the WIDTH=100 part in the HTML command.

IMHO, I have ruined the picture now, so use this extension with care.

You should also know that this addition, ONLY reduces the displayed size of the picture. it is still 56KB in size.


Lastly, please excuse my pics. I am not a good photographer :-(

That's the end of the 2nd Tutorial.

If you'd like me to try to explain how to do something with HTML, either post here or send me an E-mail.

All the Best

Steve Waddington

March 1, 2006