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Re: Some more info and how I found it...


Many thanks for the tips, great info, you ask for a bit of info and you get the entire history, just what a new guy wants to get from a forum like this, great work guys keep it up!

Any thoughts on what a new Heuer collector should add to his collection? I am growing bored with my 2 rolex and already have 2 JLC so want to get more into Heuer.

A watch from my birth year 1973, any suggestions??? and the ebay links???

: Chuck,

: Have you got anymore info I am new to this
: game and a keen learner so what does a
: French Heuer mean in practice... made in a
: differnent factory...not as good. Well,
: I dunno... I don't really have any empirical
: or canonical data to say or even claim they
: are inferior, but I do believe that they
: were considered "Economy" models
: at the time of their production and they are
: certainly less sophisticated then their
: Micro-Rotor, Valjoux 7750 and Lemania 5100
: stable-mates of the same era.

: Certainly their status of being French made
: would proclude them from being assembled in
: the same Swiss factory that other Heuer's of
: the era, but I don't have any details
: specifically spelling out where in France
: these were manufactured or the
: reasons/thinking/marketing/etc. for Heuer
: doing this...

: If you could elaborate it would be great.
: Well, here is a brief walk down the path of
: learning...

: If you visit the "Mother Ship" of
: OTD, you'll notice on the left hand side a
: link that states: Chronograph Master
: Reference Table :

: Now if you look down about a screen and a half
: you'll see a bunch of Heuer model's
: listed... Click on the link "
: French_Made_Chronographs " and you'll
: get the following table:
: French_Made_Chronographs

: By looking at this table, we can
: see that ther eis a catalog date of 1979 on
: these models... So our next stop is the
: Catalogs section of OnTheDash... If we
: click on the Catalogs link from the main
: page of OTD, we'll see listings for catalogs
: going back to 1938. We're looking for 1979,
: so we scroll down... and see 1979
: Chronograph Catalog (Fr) ... Click on it
: and go to page 6 ... Unfortunately, OTD
: isn't cooperating with my iFrame HTML this
: morning, so you'll have to look at it via a
: separate window. You can click on the image
: to get a bigger version of it . From here
: we can use Babelfish , and type in specific
: passages to translate the original French to
: English or many other languages.

: Now, unless I've missed something, that is
: about the extent of information on the
: French Made Chronographs on OTD... However,
: there is a chap named Chuck Maddox, who
: maintains his own supository of watch
: related information that might shed
: additional light on the topic... So let's
: scroll down to the Heuer/TAG-Heuer Section
: and we'll see a pair of 1979 catalogs...
: the first one "(Most of a) 1979 Heuer
: Watch Catalog" has a page of interest
: ... When the index below
: come's up click on the link " LCD
: Chronographs/Manual Winding " within
: the window.

: as well as the next page...

: The Second 1979 Heuer catalog also has a page
: of interest ( page 6 to be exact):
: Page 06-07:

: I took the liberty of going
: through the 1977 and c.1980 catalog and did
: not find any additional information of note
: on the French Chronographs.

: Speak to you soon. Anyway, now you know
: what I know, with the exception of the
: knowledge that the French Made Chronographs
: were sometimes used in Marketing promotions,
: like the Viceroy Autavia's, and you'll
: sometimes find them festooned with Champion
: Spark Plug logo's and other similar items.
: Hence my statement of them being
: "Economy" or entry level models.

: Hopefully this long post will give you a better
: idea of the resources that are available,
: and how to do research on your own. There is
: lot's to learn, lots out there, and the
: journey is the reward. There is no better
: way to learn than to explore on your own.

: I hope this is helpful...

: -- Chuck


: Chuck Maddox


: ( Article index @
: )

: ” Chronographs, like many things in
: life, only improve with age… ”

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