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It's not as good as what I wrote last night but... *PIC*

Hello and greetings everyone! Please read...

A couple of things that perhaps we should say before going too much further.

I'm trying to hammer out a reasonable set of guidelines for conduct here in the forum. I haven't spoken with Jeff or Derek much on this so please bear with us while we get up to speed.

I'm using as a starting point a thing I helped Bill Sohne with when he was tabbed to moderate the Zenith Forum over at TZ nearly 18 months ago. I'm sure some of the verbage will slip through and seem out of place...

We are just starting out on this on Heuer forum here on Chronocentric/OnTheDash... It's been public knowledge that I have been trying to get a Heuer forum (Among others) created over at TimeZone for the better part of 3 1/2 to 4 years... The folks at TZ have a different vision for TZ and that's fine, they own the site. I will continue to participate over at TZ mainly in the Omega forum, and to a lesser degree in the other forums. I hope we will become great neighbors to one another and can help each other out whenever possible.

One of our goals here is to be great neighbors will the watch community. Another other primary goal is to provide the place to discuss Heuers that the web has lacked up until now. And another of our goals is to increase the knowledge and materials available on these watches.

First off, if you have any technical problems, please let one of us (Derek, Jeff or me) know. We can't fix it if we aren't experienceing it and don't know it's happening.

On the subject Off-Site links... Here are some guidelines, they might be a little different from other forums you're familiar with.

  • If what you are linking to is an informational post on the specific subject it will not be an issue.
  • At this point, we have not developed a policy on FS, FSOT, WTT, WTB, etc. (For Sale, Want to Buy, etc.) type posts. So until we have a set policy please try to refrain from posting them for now.
    • I believe we might eventually have "Flea Market" day's when these types of posts are encouraged, when we figure out a policy on them, we'll announce them.
  • While posts to Manufacturer's (TAG-Heuer, etc.) are permissible, especially to specific pages for commentary, General links to dealers are discouraged at this time. If you wish to discuss a particular watch, cut and paste the picture and description...
  • Links to noncommercial informative sites when useful to illustrate an example (an Omega example would be Eric So's Favorite Omega Site) will be allowed.
  • Links to pages that list Web Dealers, E-Tailors, etc. will be allowed as long as those pages themselves are noncommercial. In other words Hobbyist Dealer Lists will be allowed just as Hobbyist Informational Sites (like Eric So's mentioned above) are. In fact I maintain a listing of watch dealers and am always looking to add listings, email me and I'll add just about anyone (except for obvious counterfeiters).
  • All other links off site will be decided on a case by case basis. If you have questions please contact me at:, and between the three of us we'll figure out how to handle it.

On the subject of Off-Topic discussions:

  • I don't think anyone here is going to have any problems with someone asking opinions about a modern TAG-Heuer product, or a thread on how a Vintage Speedmaster stands up with a Vintage Carrera. While the main focus of the site is to discuss Vintage Heuer's a little diversion now and then should not be a problem.
  • Don't be surprised if people tangent off onto a discussion about cars or drivers... The topic and history of Heuer's are so interwoven with motorsports history it's only natural it will happen.
  • However, nothing causes more disruption to a forum than discussions about Religion, Politics, or other contentious issues. There are plenty of other places to have those discussions. Let's keep our flame-wars to a minimum, seek out via a web search engine where on the web those other topics are being discussed and have a blast there!
  • Troll's and shills are not welcome.

A little bit about myself... I have personally been a Heuer owner for nearly 20 years, and if you count some of the stopwatches that my father owned over 30 years. My first serious Swiss watches were a Heuer Pilot's model and an Omega Mark II Professional purchased in 1983 or 1984. Although many people know me for the commentary I've done on Omega's truth be told I feel just as comfortable, if not more comfortable with a Heuer on my wrist. However, the reason why I haven't written much on Heuer's has been a lack of material on them.

Jeff Stein (owner of OnTheDash) on the other hand has been collecting buckets and barrel's of information on Heuer Dash-Mounted timers for quite some time now. And the image that greets people logging on to OnTheDash, causes me to gasp everytime I see it. He is the go to person on Dashboard stuff.

Derek Ziglar (Owner of Chronocentric) while not being a huge Heuer fan (correct me if I'm wrong here D!) has run one of the most visually pleasing watch special interest sites on the web for as long as I've been looking. If everything is running good and smooth, Derek deserves your kind thoughts, and if it's not, please temper your commentary with the knowledge that he is graciously letting us play in his yard!

With the help of other people interested in Heuers I hope we can push back the cobwebs that surround the brand and that a couple of years from now we have a body of material and knowledge that will equal or surpass the material available on the web for Omega's, Rolex and other Tool Watch brands. For after all, Heuer had a reputation of being a tool watch for most of it's existence. In fact during the 1960's and 1970's Heuer's were a far more common site around speedway's, proving grounds, rallies and horse tracks than any other brand.

Please keep in mind that you don't get a "moderators reference guide" when a forum opens and we're learning the ropes (at least Jeff and I are). That many Forums run as smooth as they do it is a testament to the current and past Forum Moderators and the wise folks who choose them. They deserve a thank you if you enjoy those forums.

Please bear with me on this. I understand the Forum is not perfect, and building it up to what it should be will take time and will likely be a trial and error process. I hope you will realize the same thing. I want to be a good neighbor and have friendly relations with all other watch enthusiasts. I believe this is possible and achievable. For in the end it isn't about keeping scores or making points but sharing our common interest and passion with one another and helping each other (and the community as a whole) out...

I hope you will come along for the ride, bumps and all... I think we have the core of a very dynamic group.

Good Hunting...

Chuck Maddox

P.S. One thing that I believe would be helpful and enlightening that we started doing over at the Omega forum on TZ that I would like to duplicate here is including the geographical region you hail from in your posts. As I live in the Chicago area in the USA I include that information in with my name. This will help people know when it is a reasonable expectation for you to be available, and also if you happen to live near another poster, you might wish to get together and talk watches either on the phone or in person. This is something I would like to encourage people to do, but it is not a requirement. Thanks! -- C

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