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Very Simple: There is No Such Thing as Ref 2913 or Ref 2923

The answer is very simple -- I do not believe that there is such a thing as the Reference 2913 or the Reference 2923 Heuer chronograph.

Heuer never marked reference numbers inside the case-backs.

I believe that 2913 and 2923 are "part numbers", so that the watchmakers knew which case-back belonged with the Valjoux 72 (thinner) and which belonged with the Valjoux 72C (thicker). [We see the same thing in the early 1960s, with some case-backs (interior) marked 92, as these movements were thinner than the Valjoux 72.]

I have been through this with Mr. Marz many times, and he refuses to end the discussion. I appreciate that you have asked this question in good faith, and with good intentions, but if Mr. Marz wants to discuss it on our forum, I will not spend any more time trying to convince him that 2913 and 2923 are not reference numbers. If Mr. Marz or anyone else can show me a catalog listing 2913 and 2923 as reference numbers, I will be happy to reconsider my opinion.

And the reason that these erroneous reference numbers continue to appear on the Internet, in auction catalogs and in blog postings? Because Mr. Marz continues to repeat this erroneous information, all for what seems to be the purpose of promoting the value / scarcity of one of his watches, a beaten up Reference 2547!! Every time he publishes the claim that 2913 and 2923 are reference numbers, he increases the likelihood that someone picks up and republishes this information. And so it continues . . . if an error is repeated enough, it begins to look like the truth.

. . . and to all a good night!!



: Guys,

: An intriguing question on Facebook. From Michael März, whom most
: will know for his penchant for triple registers, and yes, he can
: be troublesome and persistant, but bear with me..

: Subject: A ref 2913 auctioned by Antiquorum and as I later found,
: positively discussed on Hodinkee. The "radial"
: configuration of Arabic numbers on a Heuer dial is highly
: unusual (The only one I found is the small 5408 ATT in 1945) The
: 11 doesn't properly align, the font on the sub registers... I
: doubt this is a factory dial.

: There's no mention of a ref 2913 on OTD, nor in the available
: catalogs. So I browsed a bit, and all these yield watches
: similar to this one listed as a 2447 on OTD.
: late 40s/early 50s waterproof with round pushers and a hex
: caseback. All marked on the inside case back with 2913, a serial
: 60xxx between the lugs and movements around 450xxx
: The same goes for the triple date in a similar case marked 2923
: which OTD lists as a 2547.

: Movement numbers would indicate production shortly after 1946.. but
: there is no brochure on OTD between 1946 and 1957.
: Nonetheless I would seem logical to list these by the reference
: number stamped in the caseback.

: Let's please not discuss how rare these are and if they
: resemble Killy's or what not.

: My questions:

: 1) Why do we not list these as 2913 (3reg) and 2923(dato)
: 2) Does anyone have brochures of these years which aren't on OTD.
: 3) How do you rate the dial on the Antiquorum sample?
: 4) Can anyone check if it sold and what it sold for?

: Greetings,
: Jurgen


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