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The Easy Point First

Great posting, Carlo. Worthy of a comprehensive response.

But being pressed for time at the moment, let me address the easiest point that you raise.

I believe that the seller of yesterday's dial (for $10,000) had no connection with Watchgirl001, who has sold two of the loose ones on eBay. As you point out, if she received over $20,000 for her last one (sold in July) [which I believe to be the case], she would not have accepted $10,000 for the most recent one.



: For the most part, I agree with all the points you made below,
: however I do disagree with the one point in reference to the
: girl who sold the last two dials (one in beat up shape and the
: other in mint condition). Since I purchased the last dial from
: her directly, I did have a discussion regarding this matter, and
: she bluntly told me that she has no more dials, so there were no
: hints or indications that she has more to come. So not sure who
: heard what from who, but this is what came straight from her
: mouth to me (not hearsay).

: Can she be dishonest, it's possible, but I did not get that
: impression from her. Even the theory that this new dial from
: yesterday was hers, but disguised as someone else, is logically
: false. If you allow me to explain.... I paid significantly more
: for my dial than what yesterday's dial sold for. In addition, I
: am aware of other collectors who were offering strong money for
: her dial as well, just a tad less than my offer, which was still
: significantly more than yesterday's sale. This being said, if
: the seller was the same person that sold the last two, she would
: not have "given" the dial away for 10k. She was very
: aware of the value of what she had, and smart enough to be able
: to get much more than 10k.

: Based on this logic, I believe we had a new seller, who got very
: excited at 10k, not realizing the real value, nor the fact that
: one sold a few weeks ago and for how much. Had he let the
: auction run, it would have been very interesting to see the end
: result publicly, and I am confident the seller would have been
: even more surprised (probably shocked)! LOL!

: In addition, let's keep in mind that the first one we saw a few
: months ago, the condition was fairly beaten up and it sold for
: ~3.5k less than this mint looking one from yesterday at 10k.
: Someone got a heck of a deal yesterday, and I am excited to see
: it out in the wild hopefully with someone we know. Congrats to
: whomever was able to score this new one! Wear in good health!

: I also am a bit confused on the total count that was discussed?
: What am I missing here?

: 1) There have been 3 loose dials that I am aware of and all three
: were on ebay this year. Who or where else are the other 2 dials
: been sold? Any specifics?

: 2) "Two that have history to support originality" - Which
: two pieces are these?

: 3) "Two that on the face of things appear to / could be be
: original" - Which two pieces are these?

: I was under the impression that there were 3 pieces total (combined
: with both "supported original" and "appear
: original"), not 4 pieces.

: I am aware of the one that sold at Christies (so that is 1), Jeff
: you have one (so that is 2), and there is the Tag museum one,
: which we can call #3. Not sure where or who might own a 4th one?

: So if I do my math correctly, based on facts that I have seen,
: there are 3 dials out there and three watches. Am I missing
: something? And for fun, let's just say in 10 years, we discover
: there are a total of 20 of these pieces out there, is that still
: not rare? LOL!

: What do people consider rare? From my Rolex friends, I keep hearing
: this Paul Newman or that Sub...but come on guys, how many of
: those do you see on a daily basis? :) At the end of the day, all
: these pieces are all still damn watches that tell us time, and
: we are just crazy people who spend a ton of our time and money
: running after them. If you are not seeing a therapist yet, you
: are welcome to join me at my Watchaholic Anonymous meetings
: every last Thursday of the month! LOL!

: Enjoy your week my friends!

: Cheers
: Carlo

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