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A forum for identifying and avoiding wholly or partially non-authentic wristwatches -- including counterfeit, replica, Frankenwatches and other fake or bastardized pieces. Our objective here is to DISCOURAGE the sales and purchase of counterfeit wristwatch and jewelry products. It is also for helping people identify watches that are mostly authentic, but have been: altered for personal customization, repaired with inappropriate parts or modified to be passed off as more valuable pieces.

Including a photo of the piece you are talking about ALWAYS helps! You can learn how to post a photo here: How To Include Photos In Your Postings. 'For sale' postings, commercial solicitation and ads are not allowed. Links to Internet auctions are acceptable only if their purpose is to question the authenticity of a product or provide new clues for identifying counterfeit products. Links that appear to be 'shills' promoting the sale of counterfeit products will be deleted. Links to websites of sellers of counterfeit items are not permitted -- we know they are out there and do not need to be encouraging them by sending traffic to their sites. Privacy, additional policies and administrivia are covered in the Terms of Use.

Re: Counterfeit using original Omega parts?

: So if a seller refinishes a vintage watch dial
: and takes "artistic liberty" to
: introduce a style that never existed on an
: original Omega watch, then it is not
: fraud--simply "buyer beware."

There is no implied warranty of authenticity in such a sale. Selling a used watch under what are generally considered "as-is" terms means you buy the watch in whatever state it is in now.

So unless the seller LIES to intentionally deceive you that the watch is completely authentic, there is no fraud.

: But... what I'm curious about is how a non-OEM
: styled dial affects that value of a vintage
: watch.

Good question.

: Did Omega keep very accurate records
: of all the face styles produced?

Not really. And those records are virtually inaccessible, so nobody can really check.

: records? I've seen some vintage Omegas for
: sale on eBay with truly beautiful dials that
: seem a little to "avant garde" for
: the styles Omega has been known for. Would
: you say that this is basically
: inconsequential for the average buyer?

I wouldn't say inconsequential. But certainly some people like them and will buy them. Others like you and I notice they look a bit out of sync with what we would expect of a vintage OMEGA, so pass on them.

: I know of some vintage pen specialists that
: take existing pens and modify them (like
: adding cabuchons that were never OEM), to
: end up selling them for sometimes even more
: than the average OEM vintage pen of that
: model. Is that an applicable analogy for
: vintage watch dials?


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