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Go ahead and send me my M&M
In Response To: Two Pound Limit, But Not Yet ()

Sorry Jeff, I don't have any, all mine are original finish with the correct patina. I do have some vintage Heuer Chronograph Dial (no movement attached) and I will bet you the M&M that you can't tell if they are original or restored. As you know I purchased a collection of Heuer "Rose Watch Co." Doctor Watches, parts, complete movement and dials. These dial are in mint condition and are not attached to a watch. I have also over the years purchased other Heuer chronograph dial (without movement) which were mint condition. These were so mint perfect condition I questioned if they were repainted or restored. When I compared them to the original dial on Heuer Chronographs in my collection they match perfectly. Either they were original or they were perfectly restored with no telltale signs. I have also seen many badly restored dials and just as many fake Heuer dials, that Heuer never produced. I personally perfer a dial that shows some wear, basically slight fading (patina)on Heuer Chrongraphs from the 1940 through the very early 1960. After 1964 I perfer mint condition when I can afford them. I have also determinded that all early Heuer chronographs wrist watches had signed movements. Not necessary so with the pocket watches. I would give this advise, if you see a early 1930's to 1960's Heuer Chronograph with a mint condition dial and no signature on the movement it is not correct. Heuer has always been proud of their chronographs and thusly signed the movement. I have also seen early 1940's Heuer Chronographs with mint (NOS) condition dials, beautiful shiny movements that are correctly signed as are the cases and I consider them the creme de la creme. These are the very best. They have been taken care of, protected and cherished by the owners from day one. I am of the opinion (we all have one) that when you see a mint (NOS) condition early chronograph it doesn't necessarily mean it has a refinished dial, but if the movement is dirty and not signed then I would questioned the dial as not original. In fact if the movment are not signed on these early chronographs which has a signed Heuer dial, and I see alot of them on eBay, I personally avoid them because in my opinion they are not correct. I have spent more time lately collecting the early Heuer Chronograph and left the post 1964 to the Brotherhood of the Forum. There is a vast world of early Heuer that really excite me. I now have some of the Heuer "Rose Watch Co" Chronographs and the Heuer "Paul Valette" watches with Le Coultre movements. It seens I have gotten sidetracked from my original thoughts concerning Heuer dials. In closing I would say that the whole watch (dial, case and movement) has to be inspected to see if all parts coincide with the same finish and signatures. I know that Jeff is going to present a lesson/article in determinding repainted or restored dial. There is also alot of fake dials that can be recognized by knowing what Heuer did and didn't produce. It takes time, effort, viewing and studing to be able to determind what is correct and what is not. I am sure that Jeff is going to save everyone alot of time on what it took him, Chuck, Bruce and Ralf years to learn on the ART of spotting fakes, repaints and restored Heuer. Thanks Jeff.

: Charles: you have inside information, so no
: M&Ms for identifying the chronograph from
: the register I have shown. [ chuck -- you've
: also been tipped, so none for you either. ]

: you might be able to earn some M&Ms (two pounds
: per chrono) by lending me a couple of your
: chronos with the refinished dials, to be
: photographed in the super macro setting.

: we have explored the Oversized Fakes, then the
: ordinary fakes, maybe it's time to shine
: some light on the refinished dials, along
: with the other "R" words --
: restored, retouched and repainted. I believe
: that this subject will be less controversial
: -- either it is or it isn't; it can be done
: very well or very poorly; some collectors
: are OK with them and some aren't; etc. [ why
: am I thinking that cosmetic surgery / breast
: augmentation may pose some of the same
: questions?? ]

: as we continue to deal with the fakes,
: frankens, frauds, refinished, restored,
: repainted and retouched chronos, let's just
: remind ourselves to also stay focused on the
: genuine, original chronos -- we shouldn't
: forget about them!!

: Jeff

: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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