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How to Get Your Questions Answered

Use this guide to understand where to look or who to contact to find answers to your questions.

For the fastest answers...

Look up anything related to watches here at Chronocentric-- try our full site search at the upper left corner of every page for the fastest shortcut to the volumes of information we have made available online! Read through the relevant portions of Chronocentric, particularly the Consumer and Owner's sections. Even if your interest is only in Omega watches, you need to read the other sections too--almost all information in the other sections applies to Omega watches, too.

Why ask one person when you can ask many?

Many other questions are best asked on the Discussion Forums where Chronocentric's editor and hundreds of other watch owners can share their experiences and can benefit from reading your questions and the answers. Topics include OMEGA watches, vintage HEUER watches and identifying and avoiding Counterfeit watches.

Chronocentric's editor reads the forums regularly and will answer your question there as fast as if you contact him privately via the form below. But by asking on the forum you may also receive faster and richer range of responses from other readers that may know more about certain models or have different experiences or opinions.

If you cannot find the answer online...

Before contacting anyone directly, please read through this section thoroughly. While most of these resources are happy to help, we prefer that you go straight to the right source for the types of answers that you need. We have compiled this guide on how to be savvy on not only where to find answers to the common types of queries, but on what level of detail is important to include in your request.

What to include in your message

The most common mistakes in asking for information are easy to avoid. Make sure your question is clear, focused, directed to an appropriate person and contains enough detail that on what you are asking about (such as a specific watch) that the person you contact is not going to have to play a game of "20 questions" to drag critical details out of you in order to help you!

  • Ask a clear and focused question. Avoid vague and open-ended questions like "give me more information on..." or "tell me everything about...." These are invitations to start a long conversation, not a question that someone can quickly or easily answer. Don't make people play guessing games on what to send you in response.
  • Send your message to an appropriate person or business. Simply contacting anyone who might listen wastes people's time. Use a little common sense and make a reasonable effort to check that who you are contacting has anything to do with what you are asking. For example, someone who is not a manufacturer or dealer won't have catalogs to send to you. Someone not involved in watch repair can't supply you with parts or repair instructions. And virtually nobody except possibly the manufacturers have a complete catalog of all watches ever made to answer detailed questions like whether a particular watch was made with a specific feature.
  • Include sufficient detail--especially if you are asking about a specific watch. No matter how hard you try, unless you are a watch expert, you probably can't describe your own watch well enough to be of any use--especially if it is an older watch. Why? Simply put, virtually all watches made over the past 50-100 years are almost the same! They are usually round, made of gold or steel, have hands, a crown, either numbers or markers on the dial, and the manufacturer's name, logo and possibly a model line name on it. So a novice attempt at a description will usually only mention these extremely obvious, very generic details that match dozens to hundreds of similar watches. It takes an expert to notice and describe the extremely subtile details that can distinguish a single watch model from the thousands of other watches with similar features. For more detail, see the Chronocentric article Identifying a Watch.

Some questions can only be answered by the watch manufacturer or their dealers

You will need to contact the manufacturer or one of their authorized dealers if your question is like:
  1. I want to know more about a specific older watch I own, inherited, or am thinking about buying.
  2. I need technical information about a watch or watch movement not already covered on Chronocentric.
  3. I am looking for the distributor for a particular brand in my region/country.
  4. I am looking for an authorized dealer in my area.
  5. I need accessories, service or parts for my watch.
  6. What is the availability or retail price of a specific current model watch?
  7. Can you send me a catalog of your watches?
When contacting a manufacturer, try to include as much information as possible with your question. Particularly, if your question is about a specific watch, including a model number or a serial number is a big help to them in providing you with precise and detailed answer.

For contacting the manufacturers of other watch brands, look for their official websites. A good list of them is available at the Index of Manufacturers. Omega can be reached through the customer service section of their official web site at Omega USA can be reached at 800-456-5354 or by email at

Some questions require you to dig to find the answers

  1. How much is my watch worth?
  2. Where can I find a particular vintage watch?
  3. Where can I find a particular current model or limited edition watch?
On such questions, there likely is not anyone that has the answer waiting for you. These questions require individual research involving calling, emailing, browsing to or visiting various watch sellers to research the answers yourself, particularly on questions about availability and value of used and older models. Such answers depend on market conditions, geographic region, condition of the specific watch and too many other variables for someone to give you a simple yet precise answer. You will need to search active and completed auctions plus used watch dealer sites to see what matching or similar models are available and what they are selling for.

Contacting the editor of Chronocentric privately

Chronocentric's editor can try to answer other questions and appreciates comments, input, and questions on the discussion forum, articles, editorials and anything else on Chronocentric site.

Chronocentric is neither a representative of any watch manufacturer nor connected to any sellers of wristwatches. We do not buy or sell any watches, have any watch parts or repair knowledge, or have information or literature to send you. Most of what we know has been compiled into the articles on this site for you to read at your convenience.

If you believe the editor of Chronocentric can help you, then click here to contact us!

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