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Different firms, different philosophies.
In Response To: Unhelpful TAG ()

Unhelpful TAG Posted By: Steve Leung on [Date: 1/10/05 15:23 GMT]

In Response To: TAG-Heuer has never let facts impeed marketing... (Chicagoland Chuck Maddox)

Hi Chuck,

I actually had both the Carrera Limited Edition and the Re-edition side by side for my evaluation a few days ago and I definitely thought the Re-edition was the more elegant watch and felt more balanced on my small wrist. Despite being indecisive about the watches prior to seeing them first hand, there was no doubt in my mind which one it was for me once I wore them.

I've always been a 3-register sort of guy, but I also try to learn what's under the dial too.

I do get the inmpression that TAG is more marketing orientated that factually correct.

Well, considering how rough of a time financially Heuer had, I understand the current firm's dedication to profitability. Although TAG-Heuer is doing a better job of appreciating their great heritage lately than they have in the past, they still sometimes backstep.

Having gone through a few of the Omega posts on Timezone, I get the feeling that Omega is trying hard to meet the needs of the vintage watch owners who know a lot more about the watches than the dealers themselves.

Well, Omega's Vintage Information department isn't what it used to be, before John Diethelm retired at the end of 2003, Omega still does more than just about any watch firm out there to help their customers preserve their products.

Regarding the packaging, I saw that picture in eBay which prompted my comment. I also noted that colour of packaging in an online secondhand watch store. Do you think TAG Heuer stock the original packaging?

I don't know... I doubt that TAG-Heuer stocks large numbers of the original packaging. That would not be very condusive to profitability, but they might have some around.

Do you think that the resale of the watch may be less without the correct packaging?

A watch with original packaging will be worth more upon resale than one with incorrect or no packaging.

I've checked eBay and I've only come across dubious looking TAG branded wooden boxes. I have tried to speak with TAG directly but I'm put through to Sales for the whole LVMH group and I think they're worse that the dealers!

Try customer support. Sales is only interested in you if you're going to buy a new watch, if you aready have one, they aren't motivated to help you unless you want another. Customer Support is more interested in keeping you happy, because you'll tell your friends of their great support if you are happy with them.

I'll clarify the last comment. I note that with Omega, you can trace the history of your watch if you provide them with the serial number of your watch.

Well, it used to be that way... Now they won't provide that service unless the watch dates from 1969 or earlier, and sometimes even then they are reluctant to go to the extents they used to (when John D. was around)...

I asked TAG whether they will be able to provide this service as I wish to find out when my watch was manufactured, and they said "No".

Omega does have a better grasp of customer service than most watch firms out there. Omega actually used to be better (up until a year or two ago), but their repair system has slipped a bit as of late and their customer support has shown cracks more recently. They still are tops, but they aren't flying as high as they once were.

Omega also benefits from somewhat better records than TAG-Heuer enjoys. TAG-Heuer had a more tortured journey to it's current incarnation than Omega had. Turmoil isn't condusive to good recordkeeping.

Not very helpful, really. Love the watch though.

Again, such a service doesn't really contribute directly to the bottom line, so TAG-Heuer dispenses with it. Omega, even in it's more restrictive current form, sees the value to it's customers for this information. For they realize that valued vintage pieces helps justifies higher prices for new models. The opposite is seen in Zenith's moves... When Zenith rejoined the American market, they doubled the asking prices for their watches. Which forced vintage Zenith values to jump in response. Four years ago you could import a Zenith from Europe for $2,000-3,000, and buy a used one for well under $1,000, today new Zeniths will run you $4,000-6,000, and used models are more frequently seen in the $1,600-2,600 and up range.

Three different firms, three different philosophies.

-- Chuck

Chuck Maddox

Chronographs, like most finer things in life, only improve with time...
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