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Parts, Accessories and Customization

Ordering parts and accessories to customize your OMEGA watch

  1. How do I order different parts to customize my OMEGA?
  2. What if I want to have an OMEGA watch altered without OMEGA's cooperation?
  3. So how can I change the watch I have into what I want?
  4. How do I order parts and accessories from OMEGA?

How do I order different parts to customize my OMEGA?

The bracelet or strap on an OMEGA watch is considered an owner-replaceable part. You can easily have any jeweler replace it with a different one. Generally, people do not put non-OMEGA metal bracelets on an OMEGA watch, because this is considered to reduce the authenticity of the watch. In addition, generic metal bracelets seldom fit to the watch as nicely as the factory bracelets do. But straps are expected to wear out and be replaced every few years. Almost all watches with a detachable bracelet/strap can be fitted with a replacement strap from OMEGA or any of dozens of other fine strap manufacturers. See the section OMEGA Bracelets and Straps for more details.

In a few limited circumstances, you can have your OMEGA watch altered by replacing certain other parts like bezels with similar parts from a different version of the same watch. Only a few manufacturers (particularly Rolex and Ebel) intentionally make alternative, swap-able cosmetic parts like dials and bezels for their watches.

OMEGA will not sanction or cooperate with creating unauthorized versions of their watches. This is especially true since many such requests are owners trying to upgrade the standard models into the more expensive or special editions. Such 'bastard' customization of OMEGA watches impairs the reputation of the company as well as devalues the watch itself.

So what is an approved alteration? Simply put, it is one where the resulting watch matches a different official OMEGA model. For example, the Seamaster Professional Diver ref. 2531.80 comes with a blue dial and blue bezel. Replacing the blue bezel with a steel one is allowed, since that would make it identical to the model 2532.80. OMEGA will permit such changes.

By far, the most common requests for such changes are: to put a sapphire crystal on one of the Speedmaster models that still uses an acrylic crystal, to change the bezel on a Seamaster Professional to a different color, to put the Speedmaster Moonwatch display back on a regular Moonwatch or other Speedmaster, and to replace the movement in a quartz Seamaster with the automatic movement. Of these, the Seamaster Professional bezel swap is the only one worth attempting--it is simple, affordable and authorized.

The other three alteration requests are at the minimum quite impractical because of parts that are not as interchangeable as they look. It is far smarter, easier and cheaper to sell your existing watch and buy the version you desire as either a new or used watch to replace it.

What if I want to have an OMEGA watch altered without OMEGA's cooperation?

If you still wish to alter an OMEGA watch without OMEGA's cooperation, you face several issues and hurdles. It is quite unlikely to be worth the expense and effort to do such alterations--which not only cost money, but usually devalue the watch significantly.

The issues you face are:

  • This will void any remaining factory or store warranty.
  • OMEGA will likely refuse any further factory service on the watch--even at your expense.
  • You must find a jeweler who will can obtain the parts and do the work for you.
  • Purchasing replacement parts--expecially for certain models--can require proof of ownership of the watch they are for. So you may have extreme difficulty obtaining parts indended for a watch different than the one you own.
  • The parts must exist. OMEGA does not make parts except those needed for models they sell. So replacement parts are not available in color or style choices that are not already sold on available variations of the exact same watch.
  • The parts must fit your exact model watch. Many models that seem similar are not sufficiently identical that the parts you have in mind are interchangeable. In particular, acrylic and sapphire crystals are different thickness and can require quite different case parts to mount them.
  • Some alterations require changing more than just the obvious parts. Several OMEGA models are offered in both quartz or automatic movement versions. But changing between the two requires an internal retaining rings and a whole new dial--since the movements are not the same size and the date window is in a different position.
  • Alterations almost always devalue the watch. The watch will not longer match what its serial number identifies it as. This can become an issue if you ever try to resell it.
  • If you ever have to file an insurance claim should the watch be lost or stolen, the insurer may pay the cost of replacing the original watch, but not likely the alterations. To avoid this, you should have the watch appraised after the alteration to establish its new value.
Again, such alterations are seldom worth the effort. You would be smarter to sell your watch and simply buy another that is exactly, or at least closer to, what you want.

So how can I change the watch I have into what I want

Simple. Sell the watch you have and buy another one that is, or at least is closer to, what you want.

This shockingly easy answer escapes many people because they tend to think changing a few parts will be an easier or cheaper shortcut. Trust me, it isn't. Any watch you already own is now a used watch. So look on used watch sites to find what you want and trade in your current used watch toward one that better suits your needs.

The biggest advantages to this are that you can see what you are getting (not just trusting that the change will be what you expected) and avoiding all the hidden costs of alteration. As described in the sections above, what appears to be a cheap, simple and low risk part change seldom is.

How do I order parts and accessories from OMEGA?

Parts and accessories can be ordered through your local OMEGA dealer or directly from OMEGA. For direct ordering, contact an OMEGA Customer Service Center. Their customer service centers are pretty much oriented toward ordering replacement parts--not shopping for accessories. So the more you know, especially specific part or model numbers, the more likely you will get what you want without confusion.

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