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Re: I doubt you have a 2000
In Response To: I doubt you have a 2000 *LINK* ()

: We know you wear your fake Kirium. Show us the
: picture of the 2000. I doubt you own a
: genuine watch. If you did you would not give
: half the credit you gave to the fakes. Have
: you ever opend a fake automatic. The watches
: have little to no jewels. The metal gears
: grind down quickly and the watch is usually
: dead within a few months. And as for the
: high grade fakes which do exist they cost
: $800 and up and still have little to no
: jewels. There are others which use swiss
: parts and cost almost as much as the real
: thing why bother. with a fake you aint
: fooling no one. I smile inside when I see
: all the fakes on the train. You have to be
: in the life to understand. You and your
: fakes obviously don't have a clue.

: And most importantly the tip off on the fakes
: is to protect consumers. Chuck did a good
: job of bringing it to our attention. Take
: this ebay transaction for instance. The
: seller guaranteed the watch to be authentic
: and it turned out to be a fake. And he said
: no box no papers.
: This watch went to $2700 canadian\$2000 U.s.
: With more than 38 bidders this my friend is why
: its important to keep fakes off ebay. Anyone
: who wants a fake can go to or
: some other such site.

Ok hello I am back for more of this riveting discussions on fakes and real. Ok now I have brought up conversations that has really sparked interest. But one thing I have not done was lie. I bought a 2000 series about 5 years ago from costco wholesale I might add. Actually I am sure you can check with past posting where i really go into detail about it or you can ask chuck to research I think it was the first time he called me a troll. Ha! Ha! Now that was funny. I have been called things before but troll was a new one. There are some really crappy fakes out there I purchased one about 5 years ago and it is still running without any problems. I purchased a Monaco fake and let me tell you I have been hard on that watch. I have dropped it hundreds of time swam in it left it in the bottom of my bag from the different sporting events i do a lot of sporting events. Trust me there are professional atheletes that dont do as much as I do. This poor thing has been beat up and it is still running. Now this was a $135.00 dollar watch. Now acording to what people have said about fakes they should not last more that 2 years an this one has. Now here is a little bit about me but you might have already suspected. I work for costco wholesale hence all the praise i give it. So i know about the merchandise and the return policies which is why I can say it is the best out there. Let me tell you about a guy that came in to bye a longines watch. He said he was getting it till he got his rolex repaired. Then he was going to return it. See those are things that costco will do. Make returns no questions asked. I asked him what happened to his rolex? He said he dropped and the crown broke. I figured he must have dropped it numerous times and he said no just the once. I almost fell over. WHAT?????? I said. Now here is the kicker. It was a submariner at that. This is rolexes premier watch and it breaks after one drop. All I could think is that i have dropped my Monaco hundreds of times and nothing well except the drop marks. Now as to buying a watch on ebay. If it says estate no papers no box. HELLO get a clue. God Ray Charles could see that. These people have no common sense if they buy it here. Go some where repitable. Lets be honest do you thing you are going to a real Tag Heuer with a $25.00 starting price and if you going to pay $2000.00 for a watch without actually having it in your hand then I have some swamp land to sell you? But to be honest someone could go to the Tag Heuer website download a picture of a watch and add it to auction then if you when they could send you anything. So actually you really should not buy expensive things there. But when some actually is honest and says replica or fake or Tag Heuer style someone informs ebay and it is pulled. and it could be a low selling item. $100.00 or less. I have been in that boat where I tried to sell a replica and i was honest about and it was pulled. I set it for 3 days and my starting price was $50.00 so probably the most I would get was $100 to $150. I would get tons of hate email probably from people on this site. I was not hiding anything. Well I hope this give a different perspective on things.

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