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Re: Let's get it straight....
In Response To: Re: Let's get it straight.... ()

: nobody likes that except the scammers who steal
: peoples hard earned money. so your not alone
: here.
Well of course. Who other than a fraud artist thinks that fraud is a good thing??

: while the fakes have come along way, or maybe
: better i say some of the fakes, they are
: still not and will never be as beautiful or
: as high quality as the originals they copy,
: sorry.
: uh... because it is a fake does mean it's no
: good period. why, because it's a fake. the
: examples of reals failing, you give above
: are the exception to the rule. there are far
: more fakes that fail than originals. simple
: reason quality control, fakes have none. a
: part of the reason they are so cheap.

Never be as high quality? Yes I agree to an extent. The Fake Patek I have has, as I have said before a 17 jewel Eta movement. The real one has a 30 jewel movement with the Geneva Seal and is a work of art. No fake would ever have something so wonderful powering it. On the other hand there are many legitamite/real watchs that use the movement in my fake and no one complains. It's a pretty good movement IMHO. In any watch.

In terms of beauty. I also agree. A fake will never have the same je ne sais quoi, aura, feel, brilliance? that a real one has. But now, let me ask you a question. In your house, do you only have original art? Do you have even ONE print? How come any posters you have arn't the actual original photo? I have a matisse in my bathroom. It looks really nice there. I quite like it in fact. It suits the room. Now, is my $100 print as nice as the $50 million dollar original? Of corse not. But it still suits the room, and I really like the painting (and I've been told not to buy any more $50 million dollar paintings, we just don't have the wall space anymore...). So why wouldn't you like it (if you are into Matisse)? It's done by one of the worlds best painters ever. It is a classic. But now, should I take down that work of art -print that it is- and put up an original piece from someone that could never come close to the beauty of this "fake" Because the print, it IS a copy, and doesn't even come close to being as jaw-droppingly stunning as the original (but it's still pretty). Am I wrong to have it on the wall?

: i would hope you wouldn't. there is one major
: problem with people having fakes. they are
: ILLEGAL as they break copyrighted
: trademarks. this is the equivalent to
: stealing. by buying a fake you are an
: accomplice of sorts. if you can't see why
: this is wrong ethically and morally i can't
: help you there.

I belive I said "realizing...that you are hurting
the watch industry as a whole" I realize that having a fake is contributing to copyright infringment. So is possesing online, shared music, and quite frankly buying many "no-name" products made in China (esp. computer parts). But at the same time, be a little pragmatic about it. Very few of the people that buy a fake Patek Phillipe would ever buy a real one. Patek is not losing sales from fakes. Now I agree, many other brands might, Tag Heuer being a prime example.

: besides that i find it quite embarrasing and of
: low character that someone would try to fool
: others into thinking they have a real on
: their wrist.

From my above post. "And yes when anyone asks me if the watch is a fake I happily say yes it is."
Please don't try to paint everyone with the same brush. Some people have a fake because they think it makes people think they're rich. Some people have a fake becasue it goes better with their blue suit and their tan suit than any of their Heuers or IWC's...

Now lastly, are the re-addition "Heuers" fakes? They are designed to look like another, more expensive, watch. They have (IMHO) inferior movements to the original. Why would you buy a new Monaco or Carrera TAG when you can buy a real one? How many people pass off (or attempt to) these new watches as the real originals? Or are they not fakes because Hennesy's/LV owns the designs?

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