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Re: Let's get it straight....
In Response To: Re: Let's get it straight.... ()

: Actually I have no problem with fakes. As long
: as they remain fakes and don't get passed
: off as real (especially if they are being
: re-sold)

: 1) To many people a watch is form first,
: function second. A watch IS a piece of
: jewelry, and I know that (at least
: personally) I see a lot of watches that,
: reguardless of what movement is inside, is a
: beautiful watch. A lot of these watches are
: so far out of my price range that I could
: never buy a real one. So I understand why
: people want to buy a fake, if it is just for
: the pleasure of looking at a beautiful
: object on their wrist. I don't agree with
: buying it to pass off as real.

: 2) Now a days many fakes are made pretty darned
: good. In fact, I've got a confession, I love
: watches, I spend lots of money on watches,
: but I own a fake. I have a fake Patek
: Phillipe. Visually it is a superb watch. I
: bought it because I wanted a dress watch
: with a nice leather band that was
: understated but classy, to go with a couple
: of suits I own that I wear brown shoes with.
: A pretty specific need to spend thousands of
: dollars on. This watch suits the purpose to
: perfection. The fact that the watch has an
: ETA 17 jewel automatic movement is just a
: plus. In fact I have had zero problems with
: the watch. It cost me $200 in total to get
: the watch, and I feel it was worth every
: penny. (as a side note, my Daytona costs me
: almost that much every year to keep going,
: and still doesn't keep as good a time as the
: fake. Heck my mothers Cartier has gone
: through 3 movements and spent more time in
: the shop then one her wrist in the past two
: years. Just because it's real doesn't mean
: it's good, and just because it's fake
: doesn't mean it's bad) I have little doubt
: that it will last much more than 2
: years...And yes when anyone asks me if the
: watch is a fake I happily say yes it is.

: On the other hand I would NEVER sell the watch
: as a real one (not that I'm in the habit of
: selling any watch). That in my mind is
: fraud, plain and simple. But if you're going
: for aestetics and only aestetics, realizing
: that what makes the watch tick is an
: inferior movement, and that you are hurting
: the watch industry as a whole I don't see a
: problem with people having fakes.

Rob, Very good points you have made. I knew there had to be other people in this forum that were of the same mind. I honestly doubt Hennesy/LV will go out of business because I bought a fake Tag. They probably lose more business do to drunk driving then fake watch buying. If one wants to buy a fake and save a considerable amount of money then do it. The fakes are so much better now and you get a much better life of the watch. Chuck has made it clear that he thinks these watches dont last but I doubt he has actually purchased one so I doubt he knows the quality of any. And any tag watch that has a slight imperfection in anyway is quickly screamed FAKE!!! No matter how good looking it is. There are plenty of websites you can go to and they break down the grading and quality structure for you. I would name some of the websites but I buy from them and I dont want someone that is so self righteous to go and report them. If you have a fake and it looks good then wear it.

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