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Re: Some of these points pictured...


"Omega has a slew of Valjoux 7750
: based Speedmasters, both past and present,
: that sport a similar appearance. The lugs of
: the new Carrera:"

good point, but every chrono maker has a slew of 7750's and to be fair, imo, there isn't much left as far as design goes that hasn't been done at one time by someone, for the most part, imo.

: "(yeah, that's the one) at first glance bear a
: certain resemblence to the Speedmaster
: pre-moonwatch case, but in an interesting
: combination of a "Pre-Moon"
: Sans-crown/pusher guard case with plain
: lugs,"

i wouldn't argue that there aren't similarities, as there are, but my arguement would be are there enough to call it a ripoff or even an hommage??


: "but on closer inspection the lugs are more in
: line with the classic Carrera 12."

agreed and that's what i see when i look at it, but then again i don't have the knowledge of speedmasters and the vast insight that you do.


: "The bracelet is clearly emulative of the
: current moonwatch bracelet style too."

another good and valid point. of course, i dare to say that as far as bracelet designs go.....imo, there isn't much left to do really that doesn't copy another previous design to some extent. i will admit that this may be the second biggest mistake in design leading to this "carrera" being called a speedmaster "ripoff". the fixed tachy bezel being the first big mistake. although imho, i just don't see it being that close really to one particular currently offered speedmaster model. once again though i don't have that vast knowledge like you do in that area, so i can only speak on my impressions on what i have seen, etc.


:"No, they don't have exclusivisity
: on the Tachy Bezel, on the other hand lets
: try to list the number of Vintage Heuer's
: with External non-rotatable Tachy Bezel's...
: All of the Autavia's have rotatable bezels,
: A quick look at the Guide to Chronographs
: reveals only the Jackie Ickx Easy Rider
: models. So this bezel is a departure for
: Heuer."

true, but unless omega has the sole rights to using that design in a chrono?? i'd say it's not a huge so many on other forums have made it out to be. just my opinion.

: "Personally, I
: would find it flattering if another brand
: came out with a simlarly styled watch. I can
: post other (than Omega and Heuer) brand
: watches that bear a certain resemblence to
: Speedmaster models past and present..."

my use of the word "blasted" was probably not the best term. i should have used "accused by a few" of being a ripoff/hommage of the speedmaster.

agreed, i like some of the speedmasters myself, although i feel like tag has followed omegas lead in their use of the carrera name...much like what omega has done with the speedmaster name. very similar strategies, imho. so i guess this may be the biggest "ripoff" of omega possibly?:)

: "JH, you're not getting off that easy... Post a
: picture of your Zodiac 7734 so that we can
: pass judgement on it for looking a certain
: way! Show us!"

i should clarify the reason i brought this up was simply because so many have associated the fixed tachy bezel with the speedmaster, that they look no further. such is the case here. i myself would never confuse the two, but that fixed tachy bezel seems to be a problem for some when used by anyone else?? anyway, here it is.........

"I think the difference between
this ad and previous ad's is that picturing
Steve McQueen with a new Monaco
"Classic" model is ok... McQueen
made the original famous. Fangio had nothing
at all to do with this Carrera, it's
marketing BS and disuades me from buying an
example rather than compel me to buy one."

i don't disagree really. i'm fairly young and have grown up being bombarded by false marketing...the result is i don't even bother paying much attention to any of it. i could see and understand why some would be irritated, or even mad by this marketing, but it simply doesn't persuade me one way or the other. like i said though that's just me.

"I think there are better names and endorsement
"faces" for this model as I said

after reading your first posts on this convinced me easily into agreeing with you. your points are all well made and make sense, to me at least.

: "Secondly, this is obviously a good
: sized watch... Why? Take a gander at the gap
: between the date window and the outer ring
: of the dial... Here is my (non-)Pasadena
: 7750: Here's the new TAG-Heuer Carrera
: automatic (yet again):"

yep i see what you mean. to me at 38mm-41mm would be perfect for this watch, but alot of people like bigger, so..........i would assume that tag has the research data showing what the target market of this particular watch wants size wise??

: "There is a lot more space between the edge of
: the dial and the date window. I'm thinking
: this new Carrera is at least a 40mm watch
: and it could easily be in the 42mm range and
: even possibly bigger.

: I hope that TAG changes the color scheme of the
: date wheel to be white on black as I think
: that would really look much cooler. --"

yes, i think you are right on, about the sizing, makes sense. yeah i agree on the date wheel color scheme also. thanks for the lesson, it was fun and informative.


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