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Re nailed and Bummed
In Response To: Re:Nailed, Re nailed and ?s ()

Hi Crew
Well its bad, its basically a botched up worst Franken I ever saw. Anything thay would of made it have value as a 7754 is gone.

I have sent some photos to M.K. and he can post them as I can not, You will see the plate #s and you will see the part that is there in the 7754 that makes it a hack set, But as you will see the peace is broken and is a VERY big job to fix. Re: the teck man. part#s9433 and photo.
Thats it for now You guys have any info? I know MK and PSB would love to hear it.
PS the seller who sold this To MK on ebay no longer sells under the same name. I wish we know who he is.
: ---------------------------------------------
: Ok Crew I got the watch for a recase and some
: cosmetic redoing, I did not want to talk
: more about it untell I talked to M. K the
: seller.

: 1st Yes poor guy paid a LOt of $$ for a
: service. I called the jewelers and verified
: this.
: But I am afraid it was not agood service and
: there are not up to the job. You Must go to
: protime or a Vrey trusted Watchmaker. Its a
: simple 7750. It seems as it was a Blow and
: go Thay even dipped the rotor in the cleaner
: and bubbled up the Heuer stamp on the rotor.
: I see a screw driver blad tip in the screw
: on the movement.

: 2nd, Its not a 7750, Remember I asked about the
: Glycore Balance, and nobody reposted about
: that. That was nailed too.
: It is a early 7750 heuer stamped rotor. It is a
: read dial and hands or hands could be from a
: large assortment of chronos for the time,
: Croton , Berercher etc. But the darn
: Movement is a *"7754"* a Fricking
: GMT ro second time zone .

: I am bummed because I wanted to redo it today
: Now I can not because this movment is
: differant so now I have 2 prodjects. (u can
: relate).

: NOW: "?s for You Guys!!!"

: I have looked at my 13 1/4 Val. ETA Tect &
: communication books and maybe 7754 is after
: my time a watchmaker because I have 7751
: 7761 etc, but no 7754. I my have it in
: unopened books from ETA, but I may never
: find them for who knows how long.
: I never saw a 7754 in a Heuer when we where a
: Heuer Dealer. We know that thay sold things
: in differant markets. What DO YOU GUYS KNOW
: about this movment and Heuer and when did
: thay come out with the 7754?

: I have never done this, but know a lot of
: watchmakers/repair persons really, used to
: just replace the 7750 with a new one as a
: service because thay where so cheap in the
: 80s and 90s Cheaper than a full service.
: That is why you can see real roters with up
: graded 7750 movements.

: Well crew what is your Ideas? Throw them all
: out. lets here some thinking.
: To M. K. and crew you are going to have to wait
: for the finised product as its going to be a
: while. i said I would send M.K photos of the
: finished watch.
: I am off to remove the dial now and see what is
: under there, Maybe its all butchered up, or
: maybe its nice.
: Oh Ya, No Hacking, whats with that!? is it
: possible thay did away with that on the
: 7754????

: Why? Dang it! and there is the dreded 12 hour
: sub dial creaping I see.
: I will sort it out But not what i was intending
: on doing.
: Whats your thoughts crew?
: Thanks
: Peter

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