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The OMEGA Seamaster 300m Apnea
Ref: 2895.30.91, introduced 2003
[Image: OMEGA]
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Rogues Gallery of Fake Omega Watches

An overview and gallery of generic fake Omega timepieces

    Rogues Gallery: Seamaster
    Rogues Gallery: Speedmaster & Dynamic
    Rogues Gallery: DeVille & Constellation
    Watches: Counterfeits and Fakes
Chronocentric presents a 'Rogues Gallery' of highlights of fakes we've discovered. Photos below have been extracted from images posted on Internet replica sellers' websites, various online auctions, and from direct photos taken by zOwie or submitted by our readers. Use this as your recognition guide for specifically identifying known Omega fakes as well as knowing what types of flaws to look for in fakes of any fine Swiss watch. As always, your safest route is to buy only from well respected, official sources.

Like many makers of fine and popular luxury products, Omega is not immune to having their designs copied. While many reputable makers of inexpensive to moderate priced watches often parallel popular maker designs -- some disreputable makers outright attempt to make and sell fake and counterfeit versions of these watches. These are illegal copies that typically sell for USD $50-150 -- but occasionally people try to pass these off as real when selling them.

Counterfeited Omega models
we've encountered or heard reports of

Models noted with an asterisk * are pictured in one of the Rogues Galleries.
  • Coaxial Skeleton* (mens)
  • Coaxial* (mens)
  • Prestige* (mens and ladies)
  • Classic* (ladies)

  • Constellation 95* (mens and ladies)
  • Constellation 'Cindy Crawford' edition* (ladies regular and diamond versions)

  • Dynamic Chronograph* (mens)
  • Professional Diver* (full and mid-size mens) -- especially the 'James Bond' version
  • Professional Chronograph* (mens)
  • Seamaster GMT* (mens)
  • 50th Anniversary Skeleton* (mens)
  • Omega-matic (mens)

  • Professional Moon Watch* (mens)
  • Moonwatch Missions Series* (mens)
  • Split-Seconds (mens)
  • Michael Schumacher editions* (mens with red or yellow dials)
  • And do not be fooled by watches that claim to come in the original presentation box, there are fakes of the Omega watch boxes and packaging, too.

    Freak Show: Bizzare Model Hybrids
    Fakes sometimes severely mix-up names and features from completely different models -- occasionally making up very odd or nonsensical watches.
    Chronograph buttons and a tachymeter scale on outer edge of the dial, but no chronograph features! Buttons are completely useless. Bezel was turned to an odd angle to obscure the signs that the dial was on crooked.
    2) Looks like a Speedmaster Chronograph -- except it is missing all chronograph features and is labeled as a 'Seamaster.'
    3) Seamaster Pro 'James Bond' style watch, but with a GMT hand. Even stranger, despite the Omega name on the dial, the watch is labeled with the non-Omega model name of 'Ocean Master.'
    4 & 5) Another quite scrambled piece. Bracelet, case and hands are Speedmaster style. Extra GMT hand like off of a Flightmaster. Diver's rating and second hand of a Seamaster Professional. Omega name on an applied plate.

    Total Fiction: Models That Don't Exist
    Takes the case, dial, hands and bracelet style of the DeVille Coaxial, yet has a chronograph movement resembling that of the Constellation Chronograph.
    2) A supposed DeVille Coaxial skeleton, yet there has not ever been such a model.
    3) A completely off the wall design. Sideways chronographs with buttons on the top are not unheard of--they are rare versions made to be worn under the wrist. But this one went off the deep end in trying to represent itself as an Omega. The casing looks more like something you would see from Cartier.
    4) Looks nice but definitely not from Omega. Dress chronograph with unusual floating block lugs.

    You Make Me Thick
    A common giveaway on fakes is that the main part of their watch casings (excluding the bezel, crystal, and back) are often noticably thicker than the real thing. The fakes can be as much as twice as thick and the real models they are trying to resemble. Also notice that because the cases are so much thicker, that the lugs that hold the bracelet or strap have to curve much more than on the real ones to compensate for the added thickness.
    A fake DeVille Prestige.
    A fake Seamaster Professional Diver [photo: Andy Hsu (woobie)].

    Hollow Promises
    Another major characteristic of authentic watches is extreme attention to detail. Geniune Swiss watches don't leave obvious gaps, crowd or otherwise poorly space or center dial markings, have useless or non-working buttons or markings, or forget to include required labeling.

    Fake Seamaster with the display back showing the watch is half hollow!
    Quick giveaway that it is a fake: it doesn't say "Swiss Made" on the dial. Also notice the same scales are inanely duplicated on the dial and the inner bezel.
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