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The OMEGA Seamaster 300m Apnea
Ref: 2895.30.91, introduced 2003
[Image: OMEGA]
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Rogues Gallery of Seamaster Fakes

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Watches: Counterfeits and Fakes

Seamaster: A Skeleton In The Closet
Even Omega's limited and jewelry editions are not immume from counterfeiting. Here is a replica of the $44,000 Seamaster Skeleton. It does not even have a skeleton watch movement! Contains a fairly standard movement with merely a display dial and back.

Seamaster GMT
A counterfeit GMT, but with the wrong style hands and dial markings for the GMT, missing 'Seamaster GMT' name on dial.
2) Major misalignment of bezel markings with the crest of the bezel contours.
3) Many details correct, but date window should be white numbers on black background.
4) White dial GMT, but with bezel style of black dial GMT and lacking the dark borders around the large hour markers.
5) The lettering for "GMT" should be red, not gray.

Seamaster Pro: Hands Up!
Correct hands are an often overlooked detail on fake watches.
These hands are the type used on the 'pre-Bond' Seamaster, not the current model.
2) Close, but the circle on the second hand should be silver, not red.
3) Skeleton hands don't go with the newer GMT-style dial.

Seamaster Pro: Read the Labels Carefully
Dial mislabeling is also a common error. Look at not only at what words should and shouldn't appear, but also the placement, lettering style, and clarity of printing.
2) All labeling besides the Omega name and symbol are missing, as are all the red details on the hands.
3) 'Seamaster' not in correct typeface, missing PROFESSIONAL CHRONOMETER and the depth rating.
4) Used vintage form of Omega logo, should not have anything but logo and Omega name above hands.
5) Very sloppy printing of logo markings.

Seamaster Pro: A Rose By Any Other Name...Is A Fake
Further dial mislabeling -- using the wrong name on a watch.
Seamaster replica inadvertently labeled Speedmaster.
2) Another Seamaster replica mislabeled as Speedmaster. Also labeled as a 'CHRONOGRAPH' -- which it clearly isn't. And Omega does not put the word 'QUARTZ' on the dial of any current or recent models.

Seamaster Pro: Missed the Mark
High quality watches like those from Omega pay particular attention to fine details of sizing, proportion, and alignment that the fakes often miss. But even on the real watches, the hands do no always align perfectly with dial and bezel markings -- due to the complexity of positioning all the mechanical and cosmetic parts.
Missing or incorrect size hour marker at 3 o'clock (compare to a real one to be sure, even seemingly identical models with different dial colors may have differences in the size or presence of this marker). Also, date too far inboard, minute hand does not reach minute markers, dot on second hand should be smaller than one on hour hand, should not have metal rims around hour markers.
2) Oversized flourescent marker on bezel.
3) Marker raised above surface of bezel.
4) Raised markers on dial with very heavy frames.

Seamaster Pro: Mismatched Colors and Combinations
Fakes often come in color combinations not offered by the manufacturer.
Skeleton-hand "Bond" version of the Seamaster Pro was never made with black dial. Various Seamaster Pro models before 1993 and since 1998 have had black dials and black bezels--but never with the skeleton hands. Though it is correct for a Seamaster 120 to have skeleton hands and a black dial.
2) Skeleton-hand Pro Chronograph not made in black either, subdials should match dial color, subdial hands should be red, missing milled edges around base of chronograph pushers.
3) Gents Seamaster Pro Diver not made in a blue bezel/white dial combination. This color combination was available only on the ladies version. Also note severe alignment problems with dial, bezel, and date window.
4) Seamaster Pro Chronograph also never made in a blue bezel/white dial combination.

Seamaster Pro: Austin Powers' Choice?
Not content with Omega's tasteful choices and combinations of colors, fakes come in numerous dial colors not available on the model they are copying
1) gray, 2) yellow, 3) peach, 4) purple, and 5) glow in the dark!

Seamaster Pro: Missing Links
Bracelets are another area where fakes usually skimp on quality and detail.
Simple imitation of the elaborate 9-section Seamaster bracelet links.
2) Back side of bracelet shown in #1 reveals it is only a one piece link.
3) Entire bracelet and watch done in a polished steel finish. Real Seamaster Pros are mostly brushed steel finish with a few polished highlights.
4 & 5) Cheap folded metal links top and bottom side views.

Seamaster Pro: Failure to Clasp the Situation
Clasp lacks release pins on sides, text is raised instead of engraved.
2) Clasp is completely incorrect.
3) Clasp resembles the older style, like used on the 'pre-Bond' version.
4) Another incorrect clasp.
5) GMT clasp shows crudeness on edges.

Seamaster Pro: Watch Your Backsides
This 'Seamonster' back was so good I had to look closely at a real Seamaster's back to tell the differences. This one is missing the Omega symbol below the seahorse and the deeper embossing effect of the circle around the seahorse.
2 & 3) But often, they simply do not try hard to the the back right.
4) See-through backs have never been available on real Seamaster Professionals (with the exception of the one rare and expensive skeleton version), but are common on the fakes.
5) See-through back shows off very mediocre watch movement.

Seamaster Pro: Crowning Around
Bezel at least twice as thick as it should be. Helium valve should not have raised edge -- this valve looks like the crown should. Lacks extra faceting and contouring of upper and lower case edges.
2) Helium relief valve completely missing on a model that should have it.
3) Another crown missing the Omega symbol, also shorter than it should be.
4) A gold-tone crown on an otherwise steel watch.
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