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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, ref. 2208.50.00, introduced 2005
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Rogues Gallery of De Ville and Constellation Fakes

Rogues Gallery: Intro & Generic Omegas
Rogues Gallery: Seamaster
Rogues Gallery: Speedmaster & Dynamic
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DeVille Coaxial: A Skeleton In The Closet
A most unique piece. An attempt to make a fake DeVille Coaxial Skeleton. Most uniquely, it does not attempt to replicate the real DeVille Coaxial Skeleton. Instead they have chosen to produce a piece of their own design, but incorporating enough Omega style elements (a Constellation bezel, DeVille hands and case, and a Speedmaster display back) that it looks like it could be a real Omega product. Contains a fairly standard movement, some of the 'skeleton' detail is actually painted on the inside of the crystal dial. The face is completely lacking any Omega logos, yet the back of the watch and the strap are covered with authentic-seeming logos and model designations.

DeVille Coaxial:
Replica of the DeVille Coaxial. Should not have roman numerals on the dial.
2) Omega logo too broad. Second line of text should say "Automatic," not "Water Resistant." Lettering style too crude.
3) While the watch lacks the power reserve indicators on the dial, the back still claims it is the "Power Reserve" model.

DeVille: True Prestige Cannot Be Counterfeited
Men's Deville Prestige -- yet with an dial with an unusual color band. Date window is at the 6 o'clock position -- which is unlike any current or recent model Deville of this style.
2) Ladies Deville Classic model. Similar errors on dial design and date window placement.
3) Detail of the linen center of dial and metallic-look outer dial ring. Omega does not have such a two colored dial on any current Deville models.
4) Rough imitation of the Deville Prestige's fine bracelet.

Constellation: Cindy Doesn't Wear Falsies
Constellations, like most watches, use IIII, not IV. Date window should be outlined in gold, not black. Minute markers should stand alone, not be between rings.
2) Missing the star under the word Constellation. 'Diamonds' should be held only by four corners, not completely surrounded by setting.
3) Missing the Omega symbol over the name.

Constellation: Crude By Any Standard
Absurdly large hinge bars between the bracelet links.
2) Definitely not the high quality, very unique, Constellation bracelet.
3) Common give-away on fake Constellations are the two-tone links that are gold only on the front. But do not confuse this with the many genuine "half-bar" Constellations that intentionally have link hinges that are gold only on the ends.
4) A pretty DeVille back -- but what was it doing on the back of a Constellation?

Constellation: A Skeleton Without Bones
Supposed Constellation skeleton, uses a commonly available generic skeleton movement found in many fake skeleton watches.
2) Movement is not sufficiently skeletonized, just some detail etched on parts.
3) A large amount of detail went into this fake. Even has a fancy rotor with raised Omega emblem.
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